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Me Too – US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse #914

US Military had kept a low profile today until I sat on the computer wanting to do my own thinking. Then brain hacking started, attempting to synchronise my browsing with mind control. This is illegal surveillance but what make it worse is the invasive mind control abuse that goes along with it.

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leak #915 Days

I need an investigation to why I am having excessive nasal drip at night. At night the flow is very heavy like water pouring out of my nose.

I can’t think clearly due to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency interference #916

I am trying to tell people I am being abused and tortured by US Military. They are ABUSING me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies… I cant live in peace or progress with my life. Today I poured my heart out and the periscope was cut off

If the have nothing to hide why are they stopping me talking?

I was abused and tortured by US Military #917

My name is Winnie Mangwende. For 5 years I have been living with torture and abuse by US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency .  US Military abuse has robbed me of 5 yrs of my life .


US Military wanted to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism. One day out of the blue, US Military began attacking and abusing me with HAARP Frequency Weapons, once they isolated me, they began demanding Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. They started forcing me to have a Muslim child against my will.

US Military isolated & staved me so I would be attractive for their plans to use me to attract Muslim man so I could prostitute myself & get the Muslim child they wanted to frame Zimbabwe for Islamic Terrorism. They want to invade Zimbabwe and bomb 15 Million Zimbabweans to secure Strategic minerals for their Weapons

I was abused and tortured by US Military


Timeline 2013 to Current

Since 2013 my life has been hijacked and sidetracked by US Military Organised Crime.  


  • Prior to being aware that I was a targeted individual, a brain implant was inserted through my nasal cavities without my prior consent or knowledge. Its with an in depth knowledge and research into this crime that I have been able to piece together events of my summer in 2013 when the crime occurred, which was the opportune time this very risky and serious procedure was carried out. Involves stalking and carrying out surveillance on unsuspecting victims. Alone for 2 weeks in June 2013, I suffered headaches, time loss and nose bleeds and slept constantly too weak and in pain to do anything else
  • my whole face ached and in time my whole body became very sensitive and painful in various places. I was getting bruising and injuries, I could not explain.
  • Gang stalking began August 2013. I was made to endured physical and mental abuse and torture 24/7.
  • Kept in a state of Cognitive Dissonance alternative states of forcing me to comply followed by escalating violence and abuse.
  • Educating me on Stockholm syndrome and how the relationship will be beneficial to me. Keep the existence of US Military Private
  • Interference with my MA studies.


  • Forced Isolation and abuse
  • Terrorism Indoctrination
  • Blackmail and demanding Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals
  • Accelerated disruption of  my work, my studies, denied social contact or my networking was monitored and disrupted
  • Denied pursing relationships of my choice
  •  Denied eating food of my choice or exercise instead I was starved
  • Destruction of electrical equipment in particular my phones, laptops. Trying to make it look like I was getting sensitive to WiFi to further isolate me
  • continual disruption of my plans followed by threats of  more and server disruption for non compliance


  • After I lost weight and at a size I was really thin, I was told to get pregnant to a man they chose who was Muslim.
  • Demanded I have a Muslim child sacrifice to abuse or murder and blame post natal depression . If I went to prison, I would be deported to Zimbabwe, where US Military would guide me into further terror related developments
  • Told I had no right to make decisions over my life, that I was now answerable to US Military
  • Getting more indoctrinated in terrorist activities and ISIS developments
  • I was kept in the dark about relevant matters of my life and told to act on instruction
  • Took me  years to figure out what was being done to me and I started making concrete efforts to contact my government and warn them about these developments as well as exposing it online.
  • This was followed by false re-socialisation, trying to make me look normal on the outside when they were still trying to regain control of my life, telling me what to do and continue to enslave me.
  • Continued manipulation to try and stop me from exposing what had happened to me.
  • Trying to force a false account of events by trying to direct the narrative differently.


  • Made contact with a member of the Zimbabwean government where I was able to tell them what was happening to me at the hands of US Military. Not only was my personal welfare threatened, so was lives of many Zimbabweans at risk from a war in Zimbabwe, being engineered by US Military Organised Crime
  • US Military continued to embed themselves in to my life so they could to command and direct my life. Tried to influence and manipulate me to silence me
  • Stop me exposing what had happened to me
  • Denied my right to self determination.
  • Living in fear of my life as threats escalated


  • Intentions to build evidence for a Legal case
  • Working with various professionals and other people in various related situations to Expose HAARP Frequencies/Electromagnetic abuse
  • Rebuild my life



How can I plan my life when I am constantly being poisoned by HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies radiation #918 days

Most days due to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse I am unable to function and have to sleep to minimise the effects of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency radiation poisoning.

  • Fatigue
  • Headache in extreme form suicideheadaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Microwave audio
  • Disorientation

Are some of the symptoms I experience due to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse by US Military.

9/11 Stories by Whistleblowers #918 Days

According to Arron Russo, “War on Terror” was a plan engineered pre 9/11 to bolster US invasion of countries. I started listening to these videos because US Military were grooming me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. I realised for US Military to invade countries, they needed to manufacture fake evidence like what they were doing to me, to support their invasions. Whistleblowers exposing What Happened before 9/11

Pulsed microwave radiation #919 Days

Today, US Military are pulsing microwave radiation to my head to force HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control on me against my will. This assult began at 3am during the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency cycle .

Since I woke up they have been attempts to force voice to skull sychronised to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control developments.

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This HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse is being done without my consent. It’s being forced on me. The more I resist the mind control, the more abuse and torture is done to me to weaken me & be susceptible to the Trauma Based Mind Control. This includes abuse, torture and sleep deprivation

  • The effects of exposure to this pulsed microwave radiation include apparent vestibular symptoms as dizziness or nausea
  • perception of severe buffeting of the head
  • the induced sounds include “a buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e., pulse width and pulse-repetition rate”.

Wikipedia : Microwave Auditory Effect Microwave auditory effect

US Military are using HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies weapons to abuse people in their homes, groom them in Terrorism. The technology itself creates a number of effects on people that are both destressing and drive people to Suicide. HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies are oppressive and US Military knew this and used the oppressive environment effects to radicalise and groom me in Terrorism. They want to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals so they created an oppressive environment to force me to act their demands. US Military used the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies to frame my mood and state of mind and used the voice to skull technology for Political Neuro Linguistic Programming, telling me I had to overthrow my government. I had to do what they were telling me. I had to feel what oppression was. I had to be oppressed by US Military and I had to answer to US Military and NATO as they will be supporting the operation to overthrow the Zimbabwe Govt.

It takes tremendous energy to keep functioning while carrying the memory of terror #920 Days

It takes tremendous energy to keep functioning while carrying the memory of terror, and the shame of utter weakness and vulnerability ( The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk )

Everything US Military touch I don’t want it. I pray that they don’t interfere in my healing process because if they start interfering, I am back to were I was. They have, abused, torture, Indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals, tried to keep exploiting me, my identity to benefit their mind control developments. I am not fooled by their hot and cold games. I plan to remain steadfast in my journey to get them caught because I need justice for the abuse and torture I went through. This is definitely a grudge I am keeping because it’s proportional to the crime. This CRIME needs to be recorded and documented so that people are aware of what can happen to them. Maybe things will change for them, I have to fight to get justice.

My anger and my seeking justice will raise awareness about US Military crime with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They are using these technologies to hack into people’s brains and forcing them to act without their awareness or with duress. They are also serious health issues including suicide headaches, extreme fatigue and sleep deprivation which can lead to pychosis etc. They are using Voice to skull technology doing MKULTRA & NLP…they used Political Neuro Linguistic Programming to radicalise and groom me for Terrorism. It’s wrong and it’s illegal, therefore I don’t need convincing that they are dangerous and need to be caught.

I want US Military out of my life. Constantly interfering and causing disruption #921 Days

In a week US Military have managed to ruin to events in what could be traced to direct interference to me as a person. Interference in my personal and private life by trying to control me through mind control. They failed to use me in Terrorism and wanted to keep controlling my life with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons. This interference has direct interference to my life . It has absolutely no benefit expect to cause disruption and continuous stress and Trauma in my life.

Event 1 . Try to force me to do things under extreme mind control. Taking advantage of situations that are time constrainted. I was suppose to catch a coach last Sunday at 5.30 pm but found it difficult to wake up because my head was expecting extreme HAARP Electromagnetic interference. I live everyday worry about stroke or my brain stem dying from the abuse.

2. US Military interfrence when I am trying to read. This began when I was doing my Masters. They keep causing brain interference forcing me miss deadlines, then would force me to write content they choose which later became the foundation of my Terrorism indoctrination. This interference when I am reading content has continued in all aspect of my personal life. In this particular occasion when I received invite, I was experiencing head Trauma from HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse. This invite had a dress code in colour I dont wear. I missed this detail at the time due to interference. And US Military knew and wanted to take advantage of me by trying to make me buy white clothes by mind control. I noticed and refused because I knew it was mind control something I do not approve of although it’s being forced on me. It’s against my will. This is an example of trying to force mind control on a person without their awareness. Same with Indoctrinating me in Terrorism. It’s not about consent. It’s about MIND CONTROL.

It’s time they ripe the fate of their actions – their own destruction. By saying No, I don’t want to be part of this #922 Days

I hate greed. US Military were trying to exploit my identity to fulfill their greed and agenda. It is serious organised crime that would have impacted 15 Million Zimbabweans through death and destruction. It’s something that can not be ignored. We need to stop this. Unfortunately for them, I don’t think like a selfish person, I think about what’s fair.

US Military Organised crime have been doing wars for a while, it’s time they ripe the fate of their actions – their own destruction. By saying No, I don’t want to be part of this. I believe in diplomacy over war. I therefore support Russia and China anyday over US.