I want to help people to deal with Trauma through Art Therapy and Empowering Ways

Winnie Mangwende

Practitioner of Photography, Artist, Support Worker & Victim of US Military RF Frequency abuse

I am a victim of US Military Electromagnetic Frequency abuse. See my story here and also see my blog posts here. If you want to read similar stories on the United Nations Website, please click here

Born in 1979.

Winnie has 18 years work experience working as a Support Work, in UK Social care Sector. A former Student of De Montfort University Leicester, Winnie qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma in Photography.

In 2013,  became a victim of a serious crime, see story here. She was attacked, exploited, left traumatised, vulnerable and  disempowered. Winnie was inspired by people in similar situation who were creating works of art including T.shirts with slogans to raise awareness of this crime. Winnie decided she was going to do an art project of her own using Photography and Textiles. Winnie named this project – Protest Wear ( https://iamnotaprototype.com/protest-wear/ ). Winnie is currently a student with Regent Academy learning sewing and dress making for her Protest Wear project.

Through her relentless, and proactive efforts to raise awareness on social media i.e Twitter, the situation has attracted the attention of Anti Terrorism Police – PREVENT, which is a start, as Winnie thinks it is in the public interest that this crime is investigated. Winnie continues to work towards getting the perpetrators caught and prosecuted as everyone deserve justice.

Winnie would like to start her own ART Therapy Practice to help people overcome trauma and abuse.

Stories of Art and Therapy for victims of torture on the UN website and funding here