My abuse with US MilItary is now something I realise comes and goes –  Silence for hours or days but then they are back, with an “after terrorism indoctrination” agenda. What does that look or feel like. Its like being raped over and over. The fact that your life was indispensable for a criminal agenda to benefit US Military Complex in its ambition to expoit people for mineral wealth while it expands its capitalist ambitions is the maximum a person can take. Being exploitated with a destructive agenda meant being treated with utter contempt, torture and abuse

The war in the middle east has been about US access to oil. Can Africa mineral situation be any different. I was targeted for Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals by US Military .  I was tortured,  abused and indoctrinated  into terrorism so that US Military could access our minerals illegally.  By exploiting individual identity, US is trying to creating an impression that foreigners are a threat to its national security therefore feel intitled in invade these countries.

Red flag – If terrorism is an issue that is putting your country at risk. Then why are you indoctrinating people into Terrorism?   As a result of identifying the risk my identity was being exploited, I decided that its imperative to highlight areas where African Identity can be exploited by external agendas to pursue unethical and unorthodox ambitions in Africa.  We need to identify how to;

* How to protect African Identity from exploitation

* How to educate Africans to identify with issues relevant to their identity.  US is trying to import black inferiority complex into Africa through various programs that are designed to destabilize the continent instead of positively empowering the black identity. Violence shall not be the answer for African issues.

*Africa will evolve in its own time. US foregin policy is trying to enforce in an unnatural and forced  Collective consciousness creating instability on the continent.
*Africa has a right to Self Determination.

Additional Information

Strategic Minerals are used in the making of defense weapons.

Africa needs a consistent voice . A voice that carries people’s wishes, dreams and ambitions. A voice that carries peoples interest instead of enemy interests. A voice thats not driven by foreign political agendas but by actual human developments on the continent.  A voice for the people against external threats.

Africa developing identity makes the continent susceptible to both internal and external threats . With external threats being a major threat to Africa’s development because of the amount of resources at stake, how can we protect Africans from exploitation?

2016 is too soon to be beyond my abuse and torture by the US Military from 2013 to 2015.  The reason for my torture and abuse was to indoctrinate me into Terrorism.  Targeted because
I was born Zimbabwean and they were looking for a reason to envade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

The whole experience has left a different narrative and perspective of terrorism especially when being spearhead by the most vocal nation condemning terrorism but using terrorism as a weapon to steal other countries natural resources.  US Military wants to access Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals for US weapons development through terrorism development.

What happened to me was opportunistic of a criminal agenda by US Military.  I want to see Africans being protected from similar crimes. Crimes were the agenda is to wage a war to steal wealth of a country to benefit an agenda. African Union has released an article were Human Rights of Africans are on the agenda to save the African Identity from exploitation

I am glad emphasis is on highlighting External Threats to Human Rights in Africa.

Are young African lives going to be targeted from birth so that US could engineer crime profiles and pursue its MilItary ambitions in Africa.

US has waged a cold war on African identity by engineering crime and terrorism. Destroying ambitions and identities in order for US Military to come up as superior and in charge of military and security activities for the African people.

Africans have being painted as being incapable of organising their security arrangements and only a country like US can. Until you realise US is behind Africa most destructive and criminal practices on the continent. US is sponsoring and engineering crime and terrorism in Africa and beyond.