Today I made Strides into my MA Application

Today I made strides into my application to study MA in Terrorism,Organised Crime and Global Security.  The reason I choose this particular course was for its assessibility through long distance learning.  It will allow me to work from home without the inconvenience of travelling to university as I have experienced in the past.

In 2013,  I had plans to take a break a from education and pursue areas of my life that appeared to have fallen along the way.  I wanted to pursue art as a leisure pursuit, as Art, I believe would mature with growing knowledge and with me having an articulate voice on subjects I wanted to pursue. Instead I suffered continous and prolonged attacks on my art development that even now I find it hard to reconcile with my creative identity pschologycally. Now I realised it was part of US Military was engineering my life to create a terrorist profile.

No break now as a result of my attack and indoctrination into terrorism.I have choosen to study Terrorism,  Organised Crime and Global security as a way of giving me and other people who might find themselves in a similar situation a voice. A voice to speak out and Identify the offender aganist all odds

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