Its Valentine’s day…at 36 I thought I would be married and settled maybe a kid or two but my life did not turn out like that because US Military was engineering my life for solitude to pursue their terrorism agenda.  Condemning my life to suit their need to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals through war.

Once I was determined that I was going to expose this agenda, I experienced enough harassment to get me to keep quiet. The reason I did not stop was

1. It is a crime and I am a victim

2. It had a negative impact on my life and Identity

3. Not only me but it would involve more people as the development progressed enough to impact the citizens of Zimbabwe as a country through US war invasion

4. Instability in the region and in Africa.

5. If they failed with me, they would pursue the same agenda with other people so I had to make the Zimbabwean government and as many people know of such developments

US Military Complex :Will create your Art career.

Me :Where is the contract

US Military Complex :Oh, we will make you a terrorist. No contract, we will incriminate ourselves

My Identity as a Zimbabwean was the reason for my targeting.

Zimbabwe has 17 of the 22 strategic minerals US needs for defense weapon development.

Killing my people for Strategic Minerals means my people are of no value

Since August 2013 to current, I have endured torture and abuse because US MilItary Complex wants to pursue Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals unethically. Terrorism was the cover US MilItary complex was trying to use inoder to invade Zimbabwe. I want them exposed.