US ambitions for global survelliance and militarization are well documented. But at what cost

1. US needs material for them to build the equipment weather its computers, weapons or haarp. These technologies consume lots, of resources to set up and most of the materials -strategic minerals are in Africa. Strategic minerals include all kinds of metal needed to establish these equipment.

In 2013 US Military targeted me in a state sponsored campaign to indoctrinate me in terrorism. With the agenda to use war to invade Zimbabwe for these minerals. 

US Military had access to my data and were manipulating every aspect of my life to create a terror profile.

The goal was to create a terrorist profile they could link back to US. So that they could claim explicit threats imposed by me to them. This link would have served them in justification for war invasion in Zimbabwe. It now the  link that is exposing them to crime against me.

They is a technical side to my terrorist developments. How US Military were planning to execute the terror development.

They was a motive : US Military wanted  secure Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for Military Weapons including HAARP. The ultimately goal US Military wanted was to invade using ‘War on Terror’ excuse. so that they would have total control of our minerals. I was to be the terrorist.

They needed a Terrorist: I was targeted because I was Zimbabwean. They engineered my life so that they could isolate and indoctrinate me into terrorism.

Methods and equipment: Included physical and mental torture with military weapons. Pschologically used threats and force to carry out activities. Sensitised me to various electronic weapons and training me to resond as desirable to various sensations. Mental training to take both audio and electronic instructions.  Using voice to skull to accompany the electronic instructions . Audio varied from abuse, demands, coecian, misinformation, disruption, demands,  instructions and mental torture. Pyschronising me with electronic equipment and noises.

Gaslighting : Intentionally setting me up for failure then tell me it was my fault so that I could countinual fight against a system designed for me to fail.  Intention to break me so that I could be manipulated easily.

Brainwashing : The idea of Activism can up intially to get me to drop my guard as they kept abusing and torturing me. It was them trying to befriend me and appear concerned with covert human experiments that were happening mostly in the US and how I could help stop
Patronized : Instead of taking responsibility for my indoctrination US Military had a plan to make it appear as if they initial contact and inability to succeed was actually my fault (see gaslighting).  Their intentions was to set me up for terrorism. Thats why they intial pharse it appeared to be focused on my art development (with a brutal art initation) they had already decided to pursue a  destructive agenda where they would brand me a terrorist in the end. My engineered downfall from a prospective career in art to terrorism.

Coecian : US Military used force and coercian to try and create a lifestyle to suit their agenda.  They cut of communication networks. Banned me from participating in career development activities. Disrupted my education.  Stopped me working (broke my back, resulting in a slipped disc injury). Tried to destroy all communication with outside world : internet, radio, computer equipment, limiting my movements outdoors.

Oppression : US Military told me they ran my life and they were the only authority and instruction giver.  I had to follow every instruction and command as issued.  They decided events and all things about my life.

Radicalization : Used my origin and identity to indetify their interest -Strategic Minerals.  Then they made demands. They started putting ideas of challenging authority – my Zimbabwean government. How to rebel and demand minerals.  (They were References to isis and oil. They were trying to shape my thoughts into terror development)  But minerals are more complicated to access. US Military wanted full invasion.  I think their ultimate goal was to implant an anti US personality to associate with terrorism so they could invade Zimbabwe through war. War would help pave way for companies or contractors with US Military interest to settle in the country and operate on behalf of US Military interests. *Recent Hillary Clinton emails reveal how UK and France were looking for a favourable exchange of Libya oil deals for their companies.

Crime and Law : It a crime nevertheless it never got fulfilled. I was harmed both physically and mentally,  Also the intention to cause harm and or disruption in another country and its citizens is an act of war.  Exposing this agenda has disrupted this development.

Exposure and Survival : Despite the whole targeting and abuse,  manipulation of hope kept me thinking things will change. Maybe I had been targeted and put through this torture for my benefit. Was I wrong. The reality and extend of the crime become apparent when they started to force me into having a child with a man because he was Kurdish and Muslim. In a set up that was false. (Reason become apparent later). They were setting up a terrorist profile and wanted links that will be convincing as a bonfided terrorist.

Criminal profile : The build up to my terrorist profile had stages that were engineered to appear from the outside as a series of misfortune, bad luck and poor judgement as well as appear to be a person with a canning, manipulative, oppotunistic and unreliable. A plan to alienate people I can in contact with but in a way that they will remember me vividly. Stages of being know in community but superficially. Example : After stopping me working,  I was told  to go and ask to volunteer in the library. This allowed me to start the initial stage of interaction with local library and library users. Few weeks of showing my face they started interfering with the process of settling in. I theirfore had to used to show my face and forced to abandon the volunteering. I suspect if they wanted to make a media sensation out of me,  the library would be the place to interview people about me.

What would happen to the baby : Their lack and care for the wellbeing of the child I would have was the other indicator of how destructive this agenda was. The child was a tool to their developments in that it would help facilite evidence of connection to Muslims. I am in UK legally,  so they had a plot to use the child as a object for abuse. They were actually programming me to harm this child so that I could be deported to my home country for them to successful deploy the terrorism agenda. 

Two years lived under abuse and torture for the sole purpose that wasnt in my best interest. Exposing US Military developments to indoctrinate me into terrorism using technologies that were invasive and unorthodox to gain advantage.

US Military experiments being carried out on people without consent. Engaging people in the streets by attacking people and conditioning people into various states of discomfort and distress.  High Levels of stress and lack of sleep though ochastrated noise campagins. Exposing ones head to frequesncies that they become sensitive to noise, smell and are irritable. Encouranging criminal behaviour through indoctrination,  and pressuring people to carry these acts through application of these technologies. Resulting in a person living in high state of anxiety ready to snap and cause harm to other people.  HAARP is being used in conjunction with smaller weapons to condition people to electronic instructions…Linking my abuse to HAARP.  HAARP is a US Military technology

US Military Complex is using people as a means to an end to further own developments. When does it end? Does US Military have a right to destroy peoples Right to Self Determination,  telling them to sacrifice themselves for future generations. Is terrorism a worthwhile sacrifice?

My attack showed a US Military acting out of law. First by attacking me and all the torture and abuse I went through while they were indoctrinating me in terrorism.  From my experience my view on Terrorism and US Military role in the developments has left me wondering if US Military can be trusted in terrorism developments.

I objected to be used as a terrorist which US Military thought they could achieve with the use of technologies.  I have now exposed this development as its malicious and might help countries understand when suspicious terror cells or sleeper cells suddenly crop up. How US Military is working on remote methods to radicalise people for terrorism. This also follows into an agenda were they want to play an active role in pursing terrorist with weapons causing destruction,  instability and civilian deaths. US Military are procuring terrorists. This is wrong, not only morally but on all levels of US military intervation. Exposing this scam should help law makes create robust laws to protect Africa from US Military.

Russia and other countries have also raised concern on US Military conduct in this so called war on terror.

US “War on Terror” is a threat on humanity.  Taken to UN for address.