Ultimate goal was Terrorism

So how do you get someone to became a terrorist.  Its small developments of criminal and morally corrupting in nature that add up to the whole picture of final development.

I was being forced into situations that would escalate to create the terror profile they were working towards i.e as a woman they targeted at 33 years.  They knew I was preparing to settle with someone and have children.  So they targeted me at that age and started controlling my developments to interrupt any positive development by inserting themselves as the antagonist and controller of my life. From forcing me to think about having a child and finance needs met through prostituation,  bringing a child in an abusive environment  and controlling every aspect of my life to keep me isolated so people would not be aware of what was going on with me, that I was  living under US Military control under torture, abuse and terror indoctrination.

Background to my story ,  US Military was using duress as well as isolation, torture and abuse to force me into situations I would not electively pursue myself, to radicalise me into a terror threat  in order to pursue an invasion in Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.  Minerals they want for the weapons development. 

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