Entrapment and Activism

The real reason I was of interest to US Military was their access to Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals through my Identity. 

Terrorism : Indoctrinating me in terrorism was a way of accessing a huge amount of minerals by using me as a pawn in their deception.  A plan to invade Zimbabwe using war claiming to protect sovereignty of US.  But reality is they are behind every development to reach that stage were they are grooming and indoctrinating,  me the victim of their plan. 

Activism : Exposing me to their crimes of human experimentation was a cold and calculated move to corrupt me and be susceptible to their terrorism indoctrination. They used force, isolation, abuse and torture to expose me to all forms of doctrine to suit their agenda knowing I would reach a breaking point for them to call me a terrorist. 

Governance : Their main goal was access to minerals through these unethical and unorthdox methods that needed to be exposed to the right people and in a timely manner.  I told my goverment that I was a victim to a project that was looking to steal strategic minerals though an engineered war by US Military.  And it need to be exposed to lose its meaning in terms of a terrorist development. I now see Activism was another form of entrapment following an unsuccessful terrorism agenda.  The pull the drag my identity – Zimbabwean – African is to satisfy a false notion that I am at all intrested in US Military arrangements beyond Africa.  Even before I was aware of US existence in Africa my interest was of no consequence to US military.

Instability and War : I just want US out of Africa because I truly believe,  US Military cannot say they are upholding the law when they are also creating crime i. e Terrorism so that they can enfore that law or an order like war.  Its a scam.

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