Womens day

US Military was conducting experiments to see if they could give me a terrorist profile.  I am not the first or going to be the last victim of this experiment. 

Which made me think about people who are going to fall victim of this development and consequence to victim and innocent victims who might be caught in these developments.

I am an African descent living in UK where these developments are taking place.  During the time I was isolated,  US Military would torment me by telling me that people had no where to hide,  they will go after people.  Knowing i was innocent and they were freely abusing me without remorse to pursue their objectives,   I am beginning to worry about our youth and next generation decesent of African origin.  Are they going to be victims of US weapons experiments?

In my case they are pursing Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals through engineered or staged terror developments so that they would instigate war in Zimbabwe.

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