Get US Military out of Africa

We stop exploitation of Africa we stop a lot of criminal developments. Why US Military does not want me to focus on issues of security and human rights from an African perspective is telling. While people focus on the aftermath of their past crimes, they will lose focus on whats happening now, in Africa. For once I would urge my government and other official organizations in Africa to prioritise security without waiting for US Military to dictate security developments. If my experience is anything to go by – US Military are behind the procurement of terrorist in order to invade countries with mineral wealth.

US Military is embedding itsself in African Armies to spread neocolonial ideas and to disrupt the African identity and our approach to issues including our implimentation of law, culture and tradition . We will end up with a continent that labels people terrorists to protect US Military interests.

Africa seems to have space and resources for US Military to expand their military ambitions without much scrutiny

Unless @USAfricaCommand has a timescale to leave africa. US presence will eventually corrupt African military and can potentially pose greater risk to African populations.

While am

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