Guilt tripping

Abuse is such an ugly thing. After suffering abuse,  torture and terrorism indoctrination at the hands of US Military,  I find the pressure to move on,  is actually a US Military interest not mine.

US Military business in Africa has come under disrepute after realising their true agenda with me.  Why are they procuring terrorism and telling the world – about a war on terror – when involved in procuring terrorism.  Beyond these developments, whats their agenda in Africa?

After successive wars,  strategic minerals and oil,  seems the main incentive for US Military presence in Africa.  While I was being abused,  US Military used to torment and tell me,  that they had  ‘ A nowhere to run agenda’. This was used as a threat that people like me and in the future under US survelliance,   will not be able to escape the wildness of Africa,  as they were using advanced technology to hunt people.  As a result,  I had to follow instructions – to secure strategic minerals for them.  How?  I ask you,  how was ISIS created? Create me into some revolutionary figure for them to use terrorism against me.

US where putting me in a position to aquire minerals by means that put Zimbabwe and the region into war and instability, while US Military benefitted.

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