Covert Human Experiment

I became a victim of an experiment to turn me into a Terrorist because US Military had an agenda to pursue strategic minerals through a war invasion in Zimbabwe. So I am a victim of covert human experimentation.

Yesterday a British MP Iain Dancan Smith resigned due to budget cuts on benefits. Benefits is money and support that comes from the British government to support the ill and disabled in their day to day living.

The impact of covert experiments add a burden to the system because it makes people become non/less productive due to suffering from various ill health ailments leading to them accessing welfare benefits for much needed support. UK system is currently experiencing budgetary issues as a result.

However advanced and connected the system is,  they is a culture that has allowed such covert human experiments to take place unchallenged. However,  were these experiments take place unsupported by a welfare system, the impact is still devastating for the people,  for example in Africa where people are disadvantage both financially and become victims of experiments to which they can not help or protect themselves. How can African governments work towards protecting their citizens.

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