I was watching a TV program about a father whose daughter got killed by a driver on his mobile phone.  The father said he wanted revenge but its not going to be possible the way he wanted.

For me,  saying I want revenge,  is  playing to the hands of the US Military.  Revenge to benefit US Military was being programmed to play,  a little later down the line when my terror programming had successfully matured though engineering and narrative to justfy calling me a terrorist. I obviously raised the alarm too early .

So what does revenge look like or mean.  As an individual and a person,   I am Incapable of pulling a terror attack as I identify with each and every person going on with their daily lives. I would never think of attacking anyone but US Military thought I could be trained to benefit US Military agenda to pursue Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals using terrorism (they created) to invade though war.

What is my revenge for being violated in such a way – Exposing them until these criminals are caught and jailed for what they deserve. They are criminals!!!

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