US Military conduct needs review

My attack showed a US Military acting out of law. First by attacking me and all the torture and abuse I went through while they were indoctrinating me in terrorism.  From my experience my view on Terrorism and US Military role in the developments has left me wondering if US Military can be trusted in terrorism developments.

I objected to be used as a terrorist which US Military thought they could achieve with the use of technologies.  I have now exposed this development as its malicious and might help countries understand when suspicious terror cells or sleeper cells suddenly crop up. How US Military is working on remote methods to radicalise people for terrorism. This also follows into an agenda were they want to play an active role in pursing terrorist with weapons causing destruction,  instability and civilian deaths. US Military are procuring terrorists. This is wrong, not only morally but on all levels of US military intervation. Exposing this scam should help law makes create robust laws to protect Africa from US Military.

Russia and other countries have also raised concern on US Military conduct in this so called war on terror.

US “War on Terror” is a threat on humanity.  Taken to UN for address.

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