Two years lived under abuse and torture for the sole purpose that wasnt in my best interest. Exposing US Military developments to indoctrinate me into terrorism using technologies that were invasive and unorthodox to gain advantage.

US Military experiments being carried out on people without consent. Engaging people in the streets by attacking people and conditioning people into various states of discomfort and distress.  High Levels of stress and lack of sleep though ochastrated noise campagins. Exposing ones head to frequesncies that they become sensitive to noise, smell and are irritable. Encouranging criminal behaviour through indoctrination,  and pressuring people to carry these acts through application of these technologies. Resulting in a person living in high state of anxiety ready to snap and cause harm to other people.  HAARP is being used in conjunction with smaller weapons to condition people to electronic instructions…Linking my abuse to HAARP.  HAARP is a US Military technology

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