US Terror Plot for Africa

US ambitions for global survelliance and militarization are well documented. But at what cost

1. US needs material for them to build the equipment weather its computers, weapons or haarp. These technologies consume lots, of resources to set up and most of the materials -strategic minerals are in Africa. Strategic minerals include all kinds of metal needed to establish these equipment.

In 2013 US Military targeted me in a state sponsored campaign to indoctrinate me in terrorism. With the agenda to use war to invade Zimbabwe for these minerals. 

US Military had access to my data and were manipulating every aspect of my life to create a terror profile.

The goal was to create a terrorist profile they could link back to US. So that they could claim explicit threats imposed by me to them. This link would have served them in justification for war invasion in Zimbabwe. It now the  link that is exposing them to crime against me.

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