I was watching a TV program about a father whose daughter got killed by a driver on his mobile phone.  The father said he wanted revenge but its not going to be possible the way he wanted.

For me,  saying I want revenge,  is  playing to the hands of the US Military.  Revenge to benefit US Military was being programmed to play,  a little later down the line when my terror programming had successfully matured though engineering and narrative to justfy calling me a terrorist. I obviously raised the alarm too early .

So what does revenge look like or mean.  As an individual and a person,   I am Incapable of pulling a terror attack as I identify with each and every person going on with their daily lives. I would never think of attacking anyone but US Military thought I could be trained to benefit US Military agenda to pursue Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals using terrorism (they created) to invade though war.

What is my revenge for being violated in such a way – Exposing them until these criminals are caught and jailed for what they deserve. They are criminals!!!

Once you have been violated, the way I was,  I dont think life will ever be normal  again. Exposing the agenda of US Military criminal agenda was one way of pursing justice as the crime would have affected a lot more people.

Invading Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals would cause the death of many people though war.  As selfish as the reason to invade a country with strategic minerals before anyone realise whats going on with the terrorism agenda in Africa,  US Military invasion would have been based on evidence of their own creation.

I have been sick – artificially induced – since Sunday night when my sleep was interrupted resulting in lack of sleep leaving me vulnerable to invasive frequencies.  The US Military have started tempering with my sleep patterns again,  depriving me of sleep and exposing to frequencies and voice to skull.

I remembered in the beginning, they repeatedly hit my head (like one would a ball,  without concise or morality)   with various weapons to sensitize me to frequencies.

Now I am been targeted again and my head is being exposed to various kinds of low emmiting frequencies leading me to losing my capacity to function and to feel normal.

Africa has adapted into a global world where citizens and government are expected to uphold the law alike.

US Military is trying to exploit my African identity by forcing me to appear ignorant of laws and systems in place to safeguard me from their abuse and exploitation.  To support their propaganda that we are a backward people and we live by the law of the jungle, as it allows US Military to exploit us militarily.

I therefore find no reason why US Military should be allowed to operate in Africa ,  at all.

US Military were training me to learn V2Skull (Voice to Skull) so that they can give me instructions to carry a terrorist act.

Why would someone force another person to communicate in a why that suits one party – In my case – the US Military.  What were they using this communication system to do -Indoctrinate me in Terrorism.

I became a victim of an experiment to turn me into a Terrorist because US Military had an agenda to pursue strategic minerals through a war invasion in Zimbabwe. So I am a victim of covert human experimentation.

Yesterday a British MP Iain Dancan Smith resigned due to budget cuts on benefits. Benefits is money and support that comes from the British government to support the ill and disabled in their day to day living.

The impact of covert experiments add a burden to the system because it makes people become non/less productive due to suffering from various ill health ailments leading to them accessing welfare benefits for much needed support. UK system is currently experiencing budgetary issues as a result.

However advanced and connected the system is,  they is a culture that has allowed such covert human experiments to take place unchallenged. However,  were these experiments take place unsupported by a welfare system, the impact is still devastating for the people,  for example in Africa where people are disadvantage both financially and become victims of experiments to which they can not help or protect themselves. How can African governments work towards protecting their citizens.

Abuse is such an ugly thing. After suffering abuse,  torture and terrorism indoctrination at the hands of US Military,  I find the pressure to move on,  is actually a US Military interest not mine.

US Military business in Africa has come under disrepute after realising their true agenda with me.  Why are they procuring terrorism and telling the world – about a war on terror – when involved in procuring terrorism.  Beyond these developments, whats their agenda in Africa?

After successive wars,  strategic minerals and oil,  seems the main incentive for US Military presence in Africa.  While I was being abused,  US Military used to torment and tell me,  that they had  ‘ A nowhere to run agenda’. This was used as a threat that people like me and in the future under US survelliance,   will not be able to escape the wildness of Africa,  as they were using advanced technology to hunt people.  As a result,  I had to follow instructions – to secure strategic minerals for them.  How?  I ask you,  how was ISIS created? Create me into some revolutionary figure for them to use terrorism against me.

US where putting me in a position to aquire minerals by means that put Zimbabwe and the region into war and instability, while US Military benefitted.