People can be cruel for money. Paid by a cruel system. A real life experience.  So I depreciated in value since telling my government I had fallen victim of a US Military agenda to exploit my Identity for US Military to pursue strategic minerals.  The treatment I went through was cruel and horrific. I was… Read More Tyranny


My quality of life has reduced drastically since US Military interfered in my life, by use of force,torture, abuse and terrorism indoctrination and HAARP synchronisation. The minerals are to enable the expansion of this hostile technology. What is the world going to do to stop US Military exploiting and enslaving Africans to pursue Africa’s Mineral… Read More HAARP

torture and abuse

When will Gangstalking and ElectromagneticTorture of people in their homes and street going to be addressed and people behind the abuse put in prison for crimes aganist humanity. US Military HAARP and supporting projects. If US Military torture and abuse is happening in our streets and homes. Does it mean it doesnt exsit?  https://t.co/YuNy94kHTG


US Military abused and tortured me for Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. Did I deserve it. Does US Military deserve our minerals. Should minerals producing countries treat minerals as contraband. If the minerals are going into weapons development should we restrict countries with human rights abuses?