People can be cruel for money. Paid by a cruel system. A real life experience.  So I depreciated in value since telling my government I had fallen victim of a US Military agenda to exploit my Identity for US Military to pursue strategic minerals.  The treatment I went through was cruel and horrific. I was tortured and abused, indoctrinated in Terrorism so US Military could secure the minerals it wanted. The whole crime, would not only cost me my life to engineered terrorism but also lives of innocent people targeted for war – Zimbabweans. Its not something I am taking lightly, I am livid that these people can exist and think they can get away with such crimes. What does the public opinion say on US Military tyranny?

My quality of life has reduced drastically since US Military interfered in my life, by use of force,torture, abuse and terrorism indoctrination and HAARP synchronisation.

The minerals are to enable the expansion of this hostile technology. What is the world going to do to stop US Military exploiting and enslaving Africans to pursue Africa’s Mineral Wealth though unethical practice – My own experience exposes Terrorism Indoctrination.

He did not blow himself up as he was suppose to, as a result we now more about the alleged Paris Mastermind.  His lawyer has accused him of being a person of low intelligence incapable of devising such a plot. It is also noted he lives in a fictitious world of video games. Why do I believe he was a US Military mind controlled terrorist.  He exhibits similarities to my mind control experiences- US Military abused, tortured me & were indoctrinating me in terrorism to use war to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals. US Military tried using the game they called the Matrix to train my mind with technology and to use computer system to manipulate my thinking into the way US Military wanted.

Take a look at @ilovephotocall‘s Tweet:

When will Gangstalking and ElectromagneticTorture of people in their homes and street going to be addressed and people behind the abuse put in prison for crimes aganist humanity. US Military HAARP and supporting projects.

If US Military torture and abuse is happening in our streets and homes. Does it mean it doesnt exsit?

US Military abused and tortured me for Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. Did I deserve it. Does US Military deserve our minerals. Should minerals producing countries treat minerals as contraband. If the minerals are going into weapons development should we restrict countries with human rights abuses?

Typical US Military covert abuse exposed today :

US Military started this morning telling me my granfather is dead – Trigger. The day I emailed the Zimbabwe Embassy my granmother died. 

Lately I have been making inroads to expose US agenda to indoctrinate mr in Terrorism with evidence. So today they woke me up with the intention of causing chaos and put me under another cycle of electromagnetic entrapment of bullying and abuse to shut me up and discrieted me.

The knew they were planning the HAARP Event. To disguise my irrite behaviour they triggered ealier, as a HAARP incident.

If my tweets had omited the ‘voice to skull’ trigger programming ,  US Military were trying to use the HAARP excuses for my psychosis.  However it did not work as planned because of the trigger, I exposed today was a planned event to discredited me.

Game is changing, disclosing US Military crimes to the world. Its a war of survival – a Revolt

US Military tried to engineer my life for terrorism. Its a fail, an embarrassing fail in the intrem that it stops current developments. But we need to raise awareness and educate everyone about the risk associated with comming from a resource rich countries – I am from Zimbabwe, I was targeted for Zimbabwes Strategic Mineral.

Who authorised US to mine peoples data and to open people up to human rights abuses. Supecicially US has maintained a human rights record and dominated public debate when its now clear, its behind human rights abuses and atrocities globally and internally in the United States.

Why are they trying to impose surveillance gobally when they is evidence of data abuse and manipulation to impose surveillance gobally. How can we make our data safe from US Military crime developments?


The ultimate goal is to spy on people’s habits and covert this knowledge into financial advantage and influence how people spent their money and free time. So the concerted the idea of terrorism to influence countries and governments to surrender personal details of their citizens.

I am a victim of US Military abuse,  torture and terrorism indoctrinationn to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.
As a victim I am begining to ask why are they trying to engineer terrorism and how are they going to benefit from these rouge developments. This development was made with certain goals in mind which should alarm people to how this crime is being orchastrated to impinge on human rights on a large scale on the continent and globally.

1. Introduce terrorism in Southern Africa that has links to US so that it gives US a platform to invade.
2. Once US has invaded Zimbabwe under their proaxy terrorism developments. Place US firms in strategic places to mining places
3. Resources collected will contribute towards development of weapons and more surveillance equipment and the cycle of survellence , war ,abuse, torture and dominance continues