I feel like I was kidnapped from Africa for terrorism

You need to understand the type of technologies at play and the extend to which US Military is trying to apply these technologies into our lives without our consent and awareness.

My story begins at the core of US Military survelliance. How US Military collected my data and abused it to US Military advantage and developments.

Some of us feel like we were kidnapped from Africa to be used in US Military Terrorism Developments. #21Century https://t.co/wobohnccdj

Terrorism is a good excuse to use survelliance on people.  But to me it worked out the other way round. US Military tried to indoctrinate me in terrorism to pursue Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals for Weapons Development.

My programming was to appear as if I had justifiable links to terrorism so that it would appear threating enough for US Military intervation. The reality is the only link I had was with the US Military radicalising me and programminng for terrorism to serve its own purpose : to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals required for US Military defense weapons.

All the engineering done to me created the superficial links required to create a false flage incident.

1.  Foregin – Using my Identity to imply that my history had many gaps. My movements or my past life in UK was unsubstantiated. I now know for a fact that US Military disrupted every part of my lifestyle to deny me an opportunity to settle and create a network of friends. My life in the UK made me more Isolated from family. Although I had managed to maintain contact. It wasnt after 2013 when they targeted me that it became obvious that they wanted to isolate me completely even down to my social media presence.
2. Photography – false claim that taking photography had allowed me to take photographs of places of significant places therefore putting UK at considerable risk.
3. Backpack – My backpack for my photography equipment was black. It was a practical colour and it was a bag specifically for cameras,  padded and compartmentalized. When US Military attacked me they used v2skull to reforce thoughts of terrorism leading me to dump my backpack. Thats however what they needed to start foundation for sensitizing me to the idea of terrorism. The more I challenged this assumption,  the more I become aware of it and for US Military to indoctrinate me in terrorism. As a result I was being pushed into justifying my association with media/public assumptions of terrorism. My environment was not neutral. US Military had invade every aspect of my life and environment with technologies that altered my sense of self and sensentised me to things remotely related to terrorism.

4. Networks – US Military had isolated me from friends and family. I left a job due to covert harrasment,  US Military abuse and torture had resulted in me sustaining a slip disk. Which was done deliberately with laser to force me into leaving my manual job or risk being permanently disabled.

5.  Relationship –  Once I was targeted,  US Military decided to define what I could and could not do with my life. I wanted a family and a relationship but was told these where no longer options for me. US Military would only allow me a child and not along term relationship. The coercian they used included runing out of time,  lack of opportunity in the future, risk of having disabled kids due to old age. All these were strategies to force me to have a child with any man that came along for US Military to fulfill their part in engineering my terrorist profile. The man they had choosen for me was of Kurdish background and Muslim. It was not a relationship that I wanted to have a child in,  which was US Military plan to keep me isolated after the creation of a child, and leave the father in this case.  US Military were forcing me to have a child  with urgency and force.  They wanted to convince the public the public so much that I had pulsable links to terrorism through engineered links. All these developments were superficial to save purpose of invading Zimbabwe with war to kill millions of people with bombs (digest that). This move has a more significant meaning as its was the political toolUS Military wanted to use in the terrorism developments. Its the exposure of ISIS that has magnified and exposed what US and allies have been upto. I was able to find the significance through deconstructing what had happened to me. At the timeof my toutore and abuse for this development,  I had no clue to the bigger picture or significance of the developments to the bigger world interms of terrorism and US relations with countries like Turkey, Russia and Zimbabwe

6. Child –  Once I was isolated they them started forcing me into relationships that would suit the political agenda they had.  In the time I was Isolated they were forcing me to have a child. What made me not have the child was the abusive circumstances of my environment. US Military were deliberately exposing me to destructive technologies that made my behaviour irractic and put anyone in my environment at risk of being attacked. I was suffering sever symptoms of postnatal depression and knew I could not go through having a child,  US military wanted to abuse and even murder using PostNatal depression as a poxy excuse. This was the criminal profile they wanted to get me deported to Zimbabwe. Although I had a legal permit to stay, these developments would guarantee my expulsion from the UK. Not only that but alient me from people. Who would feel sorry for a person who abused children – so that was the rhetori

Abuse and Torture : The idea was not to seek my cooperation but to enforce these developments remotely using technologies. The more I resisted the more anti US Military profile I would develop for a successful terrorist profile when the programming had matured.

US Military were engineering my life to be in Zimbabwe by creating a criminal profile so as it would appear like a serendipitous case of events to find myself a criminal and a US terrorist to launch their proxy war. US military agenda has always been about taking control of world population for economic advantage. In order to have that advantage they need to monitor everyone and use social engineering to position themselves in a place of influence. In order to do that, they need the equipment to do that which use a lot of resources including strategic minerals found in Africa. In order to aquire these materials at blackmarket prices, they need to invade and place their own system in place to guarantee access to resources. Inorder to invade, they need an excuse that would convience the public that it was for protection of the people,  like terrorism. US Military targeted me for terrorism developments to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals using superficial links combined with invasive and mind altering technologies to try and engineer my life for a plausible terrorist identity

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