US Military and Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals

We have been warned about US operations.  Multiple whisleblowers have stepped up to raise alarm at US crimes against innocent and unsuspecting people. Here is my story of how US Military developed an idea to create terrorism to access minerals from Africa using terrorism. What happened to me was preplanned and engineered to benefit various aspects of US Military developments.  Had US succeded in going through with their plans a lot of people would have died through a war US Military had engineered themselves to benefit various aspect of their military development. 

US Military targeted me to indoctrinate me in terrorism so that they could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. 

US Military accessed and abused my data inorder to isolate and indoctrinate me in terrorism.  They engineered was to cut of my social and family networks. Engineered my access to information and deny me access to information I choose.  By accessing my information and subjecting me to survelliance they were able to influence every aspect of my life to pursue their goal -radicalise and indoctrinate me in terrorism inorder to pursue Zimbabwe’s strategic minerals.  Why are these minerals important. 

Example is Chroium used in defense industries. US targeted me for being Zimbabwe and wanted access to this and other minerals.  Chromium is found in South Africa and Zimbabwe were both countries carry 98% of the world reserves



US Military used terrorism as it would give them unprecedented access through various illict programs once US had invade (Similar to how Clinton was negotiating Libya’s oil with France and UK before invading Or how Iraq was invaded and its resources were syphoned via blackmarket and bribes). US Military uses media as a tool for propaganda hiding real reasons why they are invading countries,  instead substituting it with issues they claim align to their foreign policy. 

I have endured abuse and torture at the hand of US Military as they tried to enforce a hardened and  criminal exterior by design. How criminal is this development: starting of with a person who was naive and extremely innocent to any political or technological developments.

US Military stripped me of my diginty and wanted to instill shame to keep me from exposing what they were doing. Deliberately undermined me in various areas of development, and would deliberately trip me from succeding. Leading to extensive psychological damage

Strategic Mineral Chromium


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