The way US Military brutally attacked  me from the very begining formed the minimum standard of abuse I was subjected to, as the abuse and torture would only escalate.

It was meant to condition and hardern me for what they were planning: Terrorism. I knew something was wrong but I could not pinpoint the real purpose behind my attack until later on as US Military were trying to force me to focus on their agenda rather than mine.

Putting together the various issues,  its becoming clear why US Military were indoctrinating me, a Zimbabwean into terrorism so that that could invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals like Chromium.

US Military developments currently focus of HAARP. HAARP a weather modification program that impacts on all life forms.

A composition of chemtrail contains metals like chromium were 98% of world reserves are in Zimbabwe and South Africa.


Invading a country and killing people seems more convenient than buying the metals for US Military. Its reflects the type of people behind these developments – criminals

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