Frontotemporal Disorders

I am almost going full circle back to were my indoctrination started. US Military were forcing me to focus on HAARP as comflage for their terrorism indoctrination.

Two reasons for forcing me to associate with HAARP developments

*First I had to get aquainted to what was happening to me inorder for them to have a degree of control.

*Secondly to cover the fact that my indoctrination was exceptional to the norm. To make it appear like a general HAARP development and hide the fact that actually US military was behind my terrorism indoctrination.

Whats happening generally and whats happening specifically to individuals interms of these HAARP developments.image

Brain areas being targeted in the HAARP development. [ V2K audio affects tempral lobe]. Frontotemporal Disorders

My experience included US Military interfering with my the frontal lobe and using voice to skull audio to create new brain pathways were they are indoctrinating me in terrorism so that they could invade Zimbabwe with war for Strategic Minerals.

US MilItary attacked, tortured & abused me and were indoctrinating me in Terrorism to use war to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals

Zimbabwe posses some of the rare minerals that is used in weapons development. US Military wanted to secure their own source through war development.

Example of a rare mineral is Chromium a strategic minerals used in the defense industries.  US uses it also in HAARP coal ash being sprayed in the skies. Zimbabwe and South Africa hold 98% of the world reserves and its not surprising that my experience is mineral related.

A coup in South Africa and a war in Zimbabwe, most of the SADC region is rich in minerals. US is behind developments to distabilise the region were strategic minerals are.



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