US Military

They is more evidence to suggest US Military came into my life to ruin it and I am more determined that I do not want anything to do with US Military in my life. I will continue to expose US Military agenda to indoctrinate me in terrorism as a way of raising awareness to such crimes.

Expose, US Aggressive agenda to enforce foreign policies like gay rights to International terrorism by finding people with identities to program. They wanted to use me as a terrorist. That shows the level of immorality being spearheaded by US Military organization.

Immoral social engineering happening now is affecting human and social development including individuals welbeing.

A similar case of engineering came up today of a Zimbabwean boy. Accused the system of trying to turn him gay by targeting : strangers calling him gay,  giving him female hormones covertly,  etc

Police, Social Services, Care complicate in abuse. Covert experiments included – Female Hormones in drinking water

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