Reporter and Recorder

Good practice : What happened to me was out of the ordinary and at an intense level of crime instigated by the US Military. We are now beyond whisleblowing because I informed my government when I realised what was going on;

US Military abused, tortured me and were indoctrinating me in terrorism to use war to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.

It affected me both physical and mentally to ignore what happened to me. US Military tried to use all unorthodox and unethical means to get me to keep quiet.  To hide this, they used threats directed to my family so as to hide that they were blackmailing me to keep quiet. 

I spoke up because I knew they would move on to another person and try again.  I did not want what happened to me affecting another person or my country. 

Whats they to stop people hell bend on destroying innocent people.  I needed the world to look out for us. US Military is trying to invade my country.

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