Discarding People

The agenda for me was Terrorism.  Once I exposed US Military agenda to indoctrinate me in Terrorism, US Military thought they would continue to interfer and influence developments in my life to cover their tracks and stop me talking about what happened to me and how their continuous harrasment is meant to protect US Military perpetrators.

I am being forced to play along or else.

As a victim, I appear to have no options beyond the terrorism indoctrination because US Military remains a shadow that is trying to influence my development to protect itsself from exposure. The technique behind terrorism was slavery. Using me to carry out a hinners crime against my will and the following options are not far from slavery either.

So I refused to be moved into any position that is a lie. US MilItary are working on covering up what US Military operatives doing, treating innocent people as human slaves and experiment objects.

The ultimate and well known move after I refused to be enslaved is to discredit me by forcing me into a faraday cage. This is the ultimate betrayal of all my universal human rights. I am not going to be violated and abused like I am not a human being. I will continue to fight for my rights and expose  this crime against humanity for what it is.

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