Why are you indoctrinating me in Terrorism

US Military tried to engineer my life for terrorism. Its a fail, an embarrassing fail in the intrem that it stops current developments. But we need to raise awareness and educate everyone about the risk associated with comming from a resource rich countries – I am from Zimbabwe, I was targeted for Zimbabwes Strategic Mineral.

Who authorised US to mine peoples data and to open people up to human rights abuses. Supecicially US has maintained a human rights record and dominated public debate when its now clear, its behind human rights abuses and atrocities globally and internally in the United States.

Why are they trying to impose surveillance gobally when they is evidence of data abuse and manipulation to impose surveillance gobally. How can we make our data safe from US Military crime developments?


The ultimate goal is to spy on people’s habits and covert this knowledge into financial advantage and influence how people spent their money and free time. So the concerted the idea of terrorism to influence countries and governments to surrender personal details of their citizens.

I am a victim of US Military abuse,  torture and terrorism indoctrinationn to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.
As a victim I am begining to ask why are they trying to engineer terrorism and how are they going to benefit from these rouge developments. This development was made with certain goals in mind which should alarm people to how this crime is being orchastrated to impinge on human rights on a large scale on the continent and globally.

1. Introduce terrorism in Southern Africa that has links to US so that it gives US a platform to invade.
2. Once US has invaded Zimbabwe under their proaxy terrorism developments. Place US firms in strategic places to mining places
3. Resources collected will contribute towards development of weapons and more surveillance equipment and the cycle of survellence , war ,abuse, torture and dominance continues

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