Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery

Typical US Military covert abuse exposed today :

US Military started this morning telling me my granfather is dead – Trigger. The day I emailed the Zimbabwe Embassy my granmother died. 

Lately I have been making inroads to expose US agenda to indoctrinate mr in Terrorism with evidence. So today they woke me up with the intention of causing chaos and put me under another cycle of electromagnetic entrapment of bullying and abuse to shut me up and discrieted me.

The knew they were planning the HAARP Event. To disguise my irrite behaviour they triggered ealier, as a HAARP incident.

If my tweets had omited the ‘voice to skull’ trigger programming ,  US Military were trying to use the HAARP excuses for my psychosis.  However it did not work as planned because of the trigger, I exposed today was a planned event to discredited me.

Game is changing, disclosing US Military crimes to the world. Its a war of survival – a Revolt

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