US MilItary is a organized crime syndicate.

The 2016 Global Slavery Index, from the Walk Free Foundation in Australia, defines slavery as “situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, abuse of power or deception”.

Time is an eternity. Justice will come – I was attacked by people who knew were perpetuating a crime, conspired to do things that are immorally incohensible to cover up their crime.

US MilItary using electromagnetic weapons / HAARP on other people to enslave them into doing various crimes and terror acts to speed up the surveillance,  militarization and control of the human population

Just because I exposed the terrorism agenda, I have become free. Contrary, I continue to be victimized and harassed in ways that US Military want to maintain control and impact my life.


I found woman who have or are going through similar mind control experiments. I noted one of the women had an electromagnetic rage and ended up killing someone . US Military were programming me for a similar situation with my own child. The agenda was destructive in order to put me in a situation were I was manipulated for terrorism.  So my situation was to force me to have a child with men who came from countries that had terrorism – to establish the terrorism link with my identity.  Have a child with these men for money and nothing else – being groomed for prostitution as well. After the child, in isolation i was being reprogrammed to expect abuse. I suspected they wanted me to do something horrible to this child so seriously, I would lose my good character in UK and be deported to Zimbabwe where their terrorism indoctrination would mature

US Military criminals continue to shadow my life as if with newly found good intentions.  They were engeering my life for a long time for terrorism without a second thought of my life or welbeing. 

US Military terrorism indoctrination of me was fuelled by US need to progress the development of HAARP despite general concessors to the harm it does to individuals and the environment.

The aggressive developments include framing innocent people like me with terrorism indoctrination or engineering civil war &  unrest to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

Its imperative that US HAARP developments are put under scruity in relation to security of other countries and citizens.