Do I have an implant?

When I was targeted by US Military I began asking questions like; How are they tracking me. Obviously they were tempering with my communication both online and mobile. But the extend of the abuse had got more personal by keeping me under an electromagnetic field. They were manipulating my emotions, feelings, administering abuse and torture as well as terrorism indoctrination. I concluded my whole life US Military had been in the ahowdows of my life and had engineered my life for terrorism.

I suspect I have two implants. One when I was 3-5yrs old through the navel. I suspect I was implanted in a traditional healers  (n’anga) home when I was taken without my parents knowledge by family members who consulted traditional healers. Where some of these healers covers for US Military in human experimentation projects?  I suspect the implant moved when it was fully activated in 2013 (my navel area had always been sensitive to touch after that experience ). The implant resides more to the left where I reguly experience pain and throbbing.The other was implanted prior to my targeting. I experienced unexplained nose bleeds in summer of 2013. I think these were implanted in my sleep through my noise and my body reacted to it with excessive nose bleeds etc. Which could be residing anywhere in my brain. As well as implants, I would probably have evidence of brain stem scarring purposely done as part of trauma from physical abuse with teasers and other electromagnetic weapons.

US Military knew they were putting my life at risk but covering their tracks was more important.  First they made me take out a life insurance policy.  Now I realise it was part to keep what had happened to me going public i.e if people asked for fundraising etc.  Second : put into my head about cremation. I am carrying implants that can led back to these criminals.  The last thing is physical evidence leading back to them.

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