When I was targeted by US Military I was naive of people being capable of such human deception and abuse.  As much as I tried to grasp what was happening, it was never for me to fully understand or empowered by the situation.  I was being indoctrinated in Terrorism and I needed to know enough to be used against me ; the technology is brutal, invasive and driven by greed, enough to shock and paralyze someone. The number of times I have tried to commit suicide tells you, how unhealthy and invasive the technology is.

When over 190 countries sign a petition to reject HAARP citing lack of knowledge.  Was it a polite let down for HAARP.

US Military attacked me and were indoctrinating me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals towards HAARP and Defense weapons.  I suspect they are seeking access to minerals, so they can go underground and continue development of this terrible contraption, affecting my health and wellbeing as well as many countless people globally.  Technology that is intentionally seeking to victimize people globally.

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