The revolution will not be televised

US Military abused, tortured me & were indoctrinating me in terrorism to use war to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.

Why not collect my abuse and torture and turn it into another movie blockbuster. What purpose would this idea save. Another way to buy time and  for US Military & co to spread their propaganda.  Does the world have time to play these games or its time for decisive action to prevent a proliferation of criminal agenda aganist humanity.

Have all the previous movies made the world any safer or are they egotistical reflections of media moguls and co? 

Overhead : Nizar: “I have a PHD and they want me to blow myself up!” Body of lies was on ITV tonight (2008) around 10pm a Hollywood Film.

Why is US Military radicalising me. US have a track record in this department, so its not debatable weather or not they are capable of it (Boston Marathon Bombers complained of being harrased and being radicalised by US secrect service), its about raising awareness and getting more laws put aganist these crimes.

Post exposure of terrorism indocutrination, was to camouflage the extend of the criminal development with embilishments that are non relavant or could misinform the public, which I have resisted because a crime was perpetrated aganist me and dont want it happening to another person and affect my country or another part of the world  because I did not speak out .

Post terrorism indoctrination agenda, US Military was keen on developing my career and exterting control on my development. To suppress their real intentions from global view. To spin the propaganda in their favour dispute the glaring evidence of criminality and global discontent at US policy and behaviour on a international public forum – including unjustified wars and global disruption and distabilisation of people and countries.

People running US have never had real intentions of human development but to exploit people for – Profit, Supreme Power and Global Control. And thats the reality if change does not come soon.

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