US Military targeted me to isolate for terrorism indoctrination. They also set out targets to map my destruction

1. Isolate me from Family, Friends and Social Networks
2. Interupted my engagement with DWP, Employment opportunities, Volunteering,
3. Vandalised my internet and eventually my mobile phone
4. Used electromagnetic weapons to stop me functioning to full capacity to look after myself or to venture outdoors. Actually wanted to promote the ideology of self neglect to cover their involvement in my life. Stopped me cleaning, decorating or funituring my house.
5. Stopped me reading books or exercising freewill to pursue personal interests including participating in online conversations and attending social engagements
6. Dictated who I should sleep with in order to fulfil their agenda to pair me with people they wanted for a predetermined outcome. They wanted to force a child out of these encounters
Short term goal ; was to put me with man from countries were terrorism existed so as to associate me with their terrorism agenda. The agenda was to criminalize with a child abuse crime so I could be deported for their terrorism agenda.
Long term : When I started exposing the terrorism,  US Military had lined up another man from my country but with a different ethinic background.  This was a long term strategic to embed themselves our lives and create an agenda for ethinic civil war through our children.

US Military has targeted me because of my identity to cause war and to distabilise Zimbabwe for them to invade for strategic minerals. 

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