How would US Military know how to engineer my life for terrorism if they had not been keeping me under surveillance all of my life

And why target me, because of the isolation and ability to create a flase flag operation based on my life i.e my photography,  my identity,  my introversion

US trying to impose surveillance through war and crime on other countries based on proxy terrorism developments, as such happening in US.

If US can convenience the world,  its using surveillance for terrorism,  will they have access to peoples data, globally. 

Why US surveillance agenda is a scam is because US is engineering terrorism by targeting individuals from countries US wants to target for terrorism indoctrination.  I was such victim.  I am exposing how US is trying to use terrorism and civil war in Africa to embed its self in our economies inorder to drain of us of resources and finance for its global empire through inmposing  surveillance and militarization for human population control

US MilItary targeted me with an agenda to indoctrinate me in Terrorism. This was years of electromagnetic torture and abuse to force me into submissions for the purpose of US Military to distabilise Africa through war and terrorism.  Terrorism allows US to invade countries on the made up premise of War on terrorism. Thats why US Military was indoctrinating me  in Terrorism in the first place – To follow that indoctrination with a poxy ‘War on Terror ‘

Failure to indoctrinate me in Terrorism US MilItary  (who were never invited into my life) next plan was civil war. So instead of getting out of my life and moving of, US Military were hanging about acting like they had relevance in my life while actually taking control and influencing my “If I had” children into war based on ethnicity.

US wants Africa and countries like Zimbabwe to remain unstable so US can access our minerals for next to nothing. Exploit the Africa people of their wealth so that US can continue to wage wars on the cheap and pursue the communist plan for world domination.  At this rate, regardless of your position with global politics US wants to make you an enemy for a global takeover.

When US Military planned my terrorism indoctrination and excercution, they wanted to show me in the worst possible light. From someone who would have zero association to terrorism to someone who would pass for a terrorist in the eyes of the public. All engineered so that US MilItary could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

Neglect was part of the plan. Isolate me, destroy my property, keep in a state that would appear as if I was  purposely nectlecting myself and my home, to cover US Military electromagnetic engineering of my life for terrorism. The state of how I lived was kept behind closed doors. I was told via voice to skull, what to eat, when to eat, what to wear, time to get up, and was limited on were to go.

Outward I appeared decent in public, although I was losing a lot of my skills. In my house I would collapse in exhaustion and would try to sleep but never felt rested. I was sleep deprived as US Military carried noise campaigns to make sure, I was lethargic and easy to control & manipulate

I had left my job by then, after developing a backache that was, I am 100% certain was caused by US Military to stop me working.  I personally would have worked because it was not a huge deal but I was pressured to leave my job by US Military. I was gangstalked by various man with direct energy weapons and electromagnetic pulses would be induced as part of the torture regime to make me stay home, indoors.

Gradually US Military were forcing me to stop interacting with any institution that would have supported me

(I) Physically;  (GP),

(2) Mentally; (I was deteriorating mentally, self harming with painkillers, I was burning my clothes with matches (I finally confided in a friend who was so alarmed, next I had police knocking to ask if I was okay. I was so scared of being sectioned as US Military had warned me of the consequences of going into a mental institution, more abuse and torture, I convinced the police I was okay),

(3) Financially;  (I was on sickness benefit and US Military were forcing me to break rules so I would be suspended for months, so US Military would keep me in Isolation ). My fear of lack of financial hardship stopped me however US Military started putting the idea of prostitution to get income. And in having a child with men they had chosen (on reflection these men came from countries with terrorism to link my identity to), US Military would encourage me, saying I would be able to extortionate money when ever I wanted if I got pregnant from these men.

I guess the full picture of what was going on, would come to light later, but pushing me into prostitution US Military alarmed me and I closed up any ideas of children until I understood my situation. Which was the right thing to do as Plan B was no better.

Plan A

The abuse was incrimental and towards end of 2014, US Military were forcing me offline with limited contact. End of November my broadband was vandalized. I was being tortured and abused till I become lathegic and bed ridden most of the time.

They had multiple paths to my development and the plan to indoctrinate me in Terrorism in isolation (lone wolf) was their plan A.

In plan A, to convince people I had links to terrorism, they started forcing me to have a child with men from countries with terrorism. In my instinct I refused because I knew my life was in danger and so was the child. I knew these people could not have cared about this child anymore than they were treating me, with impunity and contempt (to radicalise me for terrorism). The child born to neglect was destined for neglect, abuse even death. I knew they were setting me for a crime that would see me getting in trouble with the law so I would guaranted I would be deported to my country and I would be limited in my movements and by lack of finance. Which US Military wanted. They had already started the foundation of their terrorism indoctrination for Zimbabwe.

When I was attacked,  I had completed my BA in Photography. US MilItary attacked me but I fought to continue with my MA. They used my MA to tell me of their demands, educating me in Zimbabwe’s strategic minerals, train me to follow electromagnetic instructions. Learn to identify frequencies and voice to skull instructions . Sychronise me to HAARP weather developments. I was forced to learn about HAARP. By third semester, they had disrupted my submission and were starting to embelish occult refrences (antichrist etc) in their abuse to teach me of the consequences of not following orders. From that point, I was going to help them get access to the minerals and I had to follow instructions. They would destroy anything that was not part of their plan.

I think after the treatment and condition I was leaving,  I had no option but to seek help. I had been threated that if I told anyone, I would be locked up in a mental instituation and abused more.

In the end I choose to tell my goverment. I exposed US Military agenda to survive and to warn people of what US Military was planning for Zimbabwe. However since my attack in 2013, I have suffered lasting damage from the attack. At minimum I was subjected to continuous brutal torture and abuse for not less than 21/2 years of my life, everyday. I therefore have lasting effects that persist in my everyday life

I now live with abuse of varying intensity  (from the previous 24/7 abuse,  torture and total control of my life and thoughts) since I exposed  US Military Terrorism agenda to my government. That has not stopped US Military trying Plan B,C, etc to maintain control of me, even change my narrative to stop me exposing that their real agenda was to indroctrinate me in Terrorism.

US Military has no right to remain in my life for the damage they have caused. If I was a victim of sexual abuse and I reported my perpetrator,  that person would be removed. But how I am expected to continue in this life with US Military in the shadows of my life, I dont understand.

US MilItary attacked me in 2013 in a manner that was brutal and illegal. And procceded to force, cohese, manipulate and deceive me into false imprisonment,  torture,  abuse and blackmail.

I am analysing the situation with alarm. Its about creating terrorism and civil war for Africa by imprisoning people in their homes and grooming them as sleeper cells

US MilItary is trafficking immigrants for various purposes.  Although I came to UK on my own I can now say, my whole life, these criminals have being in the shadows, positioning me for terrorism indoctrination – Lone wolf under HAARP developments. 14 years of wondering in UK leaving a trail of broken relationships, networks, career disruptions, moving from place to place, purposely created to Isolate me from preying eyes and limited my financial resources, so that I would be under HAARP for programming for terrorism .

Its a form of human trafficking with an aim of using people in US Military organised crime developments i.e in my case, Terrorism and Civil war in Africa for Strategic Minerals.

The truth will come out, like pieces of a puzzle, US MilItary crimes are building up to a picture soo gruesome, that the world can no longer, sit by and allow our humanity to be destroyed.

US MilItary attacked, abused, tortured me and were indoctrinating me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.  The minerals that are going into development of Chemtrails/HAARP. Weapons being exposed to human population for all kinds of experiments under the guise of weather modification.

These experiments impact the environment and humans affecting the natural functionality of humans and all organisms. These experiments are being done on general populations and on individuals unfortunate like myself, who US is using to pursue political agenda through crime development – i.e  Terrorism.

How is US benefiting from terrorism developments they are engineering.  An excuse to invade sovereign countries for wealth grab – oil , minerals and human enslavement etc. By using engineered terrorism as an excuse and a threat to their country, they can build a poxy terror threat to invade Zimbabwe. Terrorism that would not exsist if US Military had not engineered it. Acts of Terrorism US Military is carrying out using foreign citizens as fronts.