Electromagnetic Engineering of Terrorism and Civil war for Africa

The truth will come out, like pieces of a puzzle, US MilItary crimes are building up to a picture soo gruesome, that the world can no longer, sit by and allow our humanity to be destroyed.

US MilItary attacked, abused, tortured me and were indoctrinating me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.  The minerals that are going into development of Chemtrails/HAARP. Weapons being exposed to human population for all kinds of experiments under the guise of weather modification.

These experiments impact the environment and humans affecting the natural functionality of humans and all organisms. These experiments are being done on general populations and on individuals unfortunate like myself, who US is using to pursue political agenda through crime development – i.e  Terrorism.

How is US benefiting from terrorism developments they are engineering.  An excuse to invade sovereign countries for wealth grab – oil , minerals and human enslavement etc. By using engineered terrorism as an excuse and a threat to their country, they can build a poxy terror threat to invade Zimbabwe. Terrorism that would not exsist if US Military had not engineered it. Acts of Terrorism US Military is carrying out using foreign citizens as fronts.

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