I am not an Activist

US MilItary targeted me with an agenda to indoctrinate me in Terrorism. This was years of electromagnetic torture and abuse to force me into submissions for the purpose of US Military to distabilise Africa through war and terrorism.  Terrorism allows US to invade countries on the made up premise of War on terrorism. Thats why US Military was indoctrinating me  in Terrorism in the first place – To follow that indoctrination with a poxy ‘War on Terror ‘

Failure to indoctrinate me in Terrorism US MilItary  (who were never invited into my life) next plan was civil war. So instead of getting out of my life and moving of, US Military were hanging about acting like they had relevance in my life while actually taking control and influencing my “If I had” children into war based on ethnicity.

US wants Africa and countries like Zimbabwe to remain unstable so US can access our minerals for next to nothing. Exploit the Africa people of their wealth so that US can continue to wage wars on the cheap and pursue the communist plan for world domination.  At this rate, regardless of your position with global politics US wants to make you an enemy for a global takeover.

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