Terrorism and Crime Engineering

How would US Military know how to engineer my life for terrorism if they had not been keeping me under surveillance all of my life

And why target me, because of the isolation and ability to create a flase flag operation based on my life i.e my photography,  my identity,  my introversion

US trying to impose surveillance through war and crime on other countries based on proxy terrorism developments, as such happening in US.

If US can convenience the world,  its using surveillance for terrorism,  will they have access to peoples data, globally. 

Why US surveillance agenda is a scam is because US is engineering terrorism by targeting individuals from countries US wants to target for terrorism indoctrination.  I was such victim.  I am exposing how US is trying to use terrorism and civil war in Africa to embed its self in our economies inorder to drain of us of resources and finance for its global empire through inmposing  surveillance and militarization for human population control

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