Survivor’s Guit

Psychological Operation  – Survivors guilt

US Military has employed several psychological operations to try and remain embed in my life post terrorism indoctrination. Through my experience I became part of the TI community which I appreciate and have great respect for and communicate with TI in various social media sites. Post Terrorism indoctrination – US Military tried to exploit my TI identity by forcing me into activism and putting themselves in a role of supervisor, so to limit myself expression and exposure of my experience, to stop me living my life and even playing a role in negatively influencing children I have in the future.

Despite the threats of more abuse, torture, death, blackmail etc I have vowed to pursue legal address of my abuse and torture by joining communities pursuing justice. After what I went through with the terrorism indoctrination, I do not want US Military in my life.

Post terrorism indoctrination, activism was another lie for US Military to keep embed in my life. Since when is activism, lead by perpetrators? It turned out to be another lie to remain embed in my life and giving people false hope.

Activism was an opportunity to use electromagnetic weapons to keep me in an electromagnetic prison and keep me enslaved. Had US Military had an agenda to use art/me to highlight the plight of TIs it would not have taken three years to get to the point. This is why

  1. They were engineering me for terrorism to invade Zimbabwe to get more minerals for weapons to expand their targeting/HAARP project.
  2. In the three years, I did not do any art, instead I was denied opportunities to practice my career as it did not suit their lone wolf agenda [of me suddenly going rogue and radicalizing myself in isolation].
  3. Deterioration in health and welbeing meant I was  losing my skills and capabilities to electromagnetic abuse and torture.
  4. Destroying my broadband, mobile phone, laptops and my mac had few near misses, was targeted to drop. So even the excuse of saying
  5. No hope for financial recovery, (till September 2015 when US Military realised they could not keep me isolated),  I was being denied the opportunity to earn money and recover from the destruction to my property and welbeing.

US Military have proved to be a bad and negative influence in my life, and pose a grave danger to the security of my country.

Without a shadow of a doubt, US military agenda was to indoctrinate me in terrorism, using art as an excuse to invade into my personal space. In the three years that US Military were in my life, I was being corrupted morally and being made to do things I would not have done in order to fit their narrative of a terrorist. I was expected to follow though with the demands i.e Have a child with a Muslim man to make an artificial Islam link so that US Military could spin it into the terror narrative.

I am not playing along to please the US Military. I want us 100% out of my life to resume what left of it, in the best way I know how. and I am not going to be quiet about what US Military did to me because  it

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