Things that were done to me to prepare and enforce isolation. This involved isolating me from family members and even reducing contact time to some contact gradually dying out.

My relationships with my siblings in particular my sister was interfered. I was always tired to do things at moments when a sister should have. I remember being exhausted and unable to send her things. Once in a while, I would send money but once I was forced out of work, the communication got worse. I was being abused with electromagnetic frequencies and my sister could not relate to what I was going through after that. Which futher put me in Isolation.


I thought I wanted a better life for my children thats why I was working hard for better my life. Now I know it was also the goal of US Military who had kept covert survellience and disruption in my life to keep me single and childless in order to exploit my situation in a future time.

At 32 I found myself at the end of a trap that had been prepared for me by US Military, in order to facilitate a crime  of terrorism. Armed with a prepared script to gain control of my life to use children as pawns in their orchastrated crime. The terrorism is a true reflection of crime and evil. How can you instruct a woman, a person to have a child to abuse or murder for US Military Organized Crime. US MilItary complex has a long history of crime but its surreal coming face to face with the establishment.

The propaganda doesnt work anymore as the crimes  become more elaborate and global.  People can see what they are doing dispute trying to convince us of the opposite.

but insted its a trap to force me into a
Finacially secure so that they would not be exploited.

My fight is to have the situation of the nano implant resolved. And its not going to be resolved by being forced into silience by criminals who put it there in the first place.

I have to get back to being myself and maintain the values my parents instilled in me. That means I dont want US Military involved in my life

I have the right to choose who I can and can not associate with. Though I was illegally implant with brain nano technology without my will and consent, I will still fight to exercise my rights and freedoms.

The nano implant had programs in place to stop me exercising my freedoms through an ineffective move to push me  into stockholm syndrome type situation. Why would I want to protect anyone who has done this hinous crime to me and has destructive intentions to my people and country. None.

I have been violated and deserve legal address this issue. Silence is not in my best interest but of the perpetrators. US Military indoctrinated me in terrorism after implanting a communication device into my brain without my knowledge or consent. Without legal means I will have to resort to destructive methods of copying with this infringement of my life.

Unethical and Unothodox use of technology on foreign citizens as a means of covert warfare.

US Military wanted to develop a presense in Zimbabwe of a destructive nature using my identity as a means to establish themselves into the country through unorthodox and unethical means.

Organised Crime and Violence on innocence people

Mind control programing involved Protecting their interest but pushing the levels of destructive programming further. From Prostitution  – used as a tool of blackmail towards officials of government office to Terrorism where US Military was trying to orchestra a false flag based on terrorism so they could invade Zimbabwe with terrorism. Whats most disturbing is, creating the crime to fit the criteria of US Foreign policy so as to be able to mobilise resources from e.g NATO and broker support of congress though use of the tools from the foreign policy box. A

Countries making overreaching foregin policies without mutual benefit like the US foreign policy have been destructive to other countries.  

1. Engineered terrorism

2. War



  1. The truth can stand the test of time. That gives me the courage to maintain the truth despite all the abuse, torture, blackmail and force to change my story
  2. Identities have value
  3. Duty of Care

I was attacked in 2013 by US Military with the intention of programming me for terrorism so that they could invade my country for strategic minerals. When I exposed US for terrorism indoctrination, I received another wave of abuse to cover their criminal tracks.

I am standing steadfast with my story because I am a victim of serious international crime, that had it had been successful had serious consequences to me and people who were targeted with the crime (intention to invade Zimbabwe with war on the pretext of terrorism which US Military was engineering).

Biological abuse

The process involved putting an implant (a communication device) in my body without my knowledge and prior consent. Similar organ harvesting but retaining the whole person by putting implants in people to modify their behavior in order to use them to carry out a crime to benefit the US Military complex objectives and goals i.e getting resources using war as an excuse to invade a country.


Identities have value. My identity can be used to inspire and build a generation but can be used to destroy one.  I have decided to tell my story to raise awareness at all levels of society particular those who are vulnerable to this crime.

The entry point to my abuse once the attack had already commenced and the implant had been deployed months back, had been activated and I had got tired of the abused and had stopped fighting was, US Military were trying to develop my art career but had to follow instructions. This line of career development was used to make me think they was anything worthwhile for me, when in reality I was being moved further to what I was familiar with and being asked to do things that were clearly aimed at corrupting me and moving me into a life of crime.

False Flag

False flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them

Something is not right. it never felt right in the beginning and with the passage of time, I was more determined to expose this crime dispute all means to deny me the opportunity to do so. Once I concluded what was going on, a sense of urgency led me to seek help. I knew my country was in danger. At least If they got the message, they would be aware that this was happening to Zimbabweans leaving abroad. And if US made attempts to force a war, let it be know that their intelligence was based on events they had manufactured. People are becoming acquainted with the term of false flags which US intelligence  has become notorious for.

Made several attempts to communicate my problem with the staff at the Zimbabwean Embassy in UK, but was dismissed.



On the night of 15


Privacy and Surveillance

Used my data to carry out stalking behavior

Human Rights Violation


I want the implant out, first and foremost. Please do not use my identity as a selling angle for transhumanism. The last three years have been nightmare that will hunt me for the rest of my life. As well as a clear act of contempt, being patronized is

The reality and health confluences

the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Script my life endless crime seriousness and  lawlessness behavior

High risk of dying from complications related to the implant put in illegally. 

What makes this crime opportunistic is

They had a goal and agenda that I wasn’t privileged to and had to work out myself further along into the abuse and torture as the demands became clear and what I was being asked to do that was against my will or wish.

  1. Demand that I give them strategic minerals and various terrorist senerios which were good enough as
  2. Demand I have a Muslim child as sacrifice. Encourage an environment of abuse and torture with an infant.
  3. Demand I supplement my income with blackmail and prostitution
  4. Telling me I was only answerable to US Military .
  5. Training me against my wish to respond to electronic commands

The proceeded to use the implant to indoctrinate me in terrorism.



s bodies for profit for crime procurement and human enslavement to work in organised crime.


Used gangstalking to cause confusion and destress as well as receiving elec

Illegal implant to carry out crimes to benefit US Military agenda

When US Military attacked me in 2013, they hoped it would be a crime that they could do and get away with in the parameters of biological manipulation (introducing a communication device into my body without my knowledge, prior consent and extend to which they went to conceal the crime.

forced isolation, abuse and torture. they would engineer my life to suit their narrative by forcing a child with a Muslim man. Claim I had radicalized my self in Isolation. Its that level of abuse and crime engineering that I am not willing to let go.



False flag – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Transhumanism :]

I want US Military abuses exposed. The systm has been working with media and other organisations to keep information hidden from the public. Its therefore imperative that there is media that exposes these crimes and more




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