Protecting their interest

Unethical and Unothodox use of technology on foreign citizens as a means of covert warfare.

US Military wanted to develop a presense in Zimbabwe of a destructive nature using my identity as a means to establish themselves into the country through unorthodox and unethical means.

Organised Crime and Violence on innocence people

Mind control programing involved Protecting their interest but pushing the levels of destructive programming further. From Prostitution  – used as a tool of blackmail towards officials of government office to Terrorism where US Military was trying to orchestra a false flag based on terrorism so they could invade Zimbabwe with terrorism. Whats most disturbing is, creating the crime to fit the criteria of US Foreign policy so as to be able to mobilise resources from e.g NATO and broker support of congress though use of the tools from the foreign policy box. A

Countries making overreaching foregin policies without mutual benefit like the US foreign policy have been destructive to other countries.  

1. Engineered terrorism

2. War


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