Securing a future for my Children 

I thought I wanted a better life for my children thats why I was working hard for better my life. Now I know it was also the goal of US Military who had kept covert survellience and disruption in my life to keep me single and childless in order to exploit my situation in a future time.

At 32 I found myself at the end of a trap that had been prepared for me by US Military, in order to facilitate a crime  of terrorism. Armed with a prepared script to gain control of my life to use children as pawns in their orchastrated crime. The terrorism is a true reflection of crime and evil. How can you instruct a woman, a person to have a child to abuse or murder for US Military Organized Crime. US MilItary complex has a long history of crime but its surreal coming face to face with the establishment.

The propaganda doesnt work anymore as the crimes  become more elaborate and global.  People can see what they are doing dispute trying to convince us of the opposite.

but insted its a trap to force me into a
Finacially secure so that they would not be exploited.

My fight is to have the situation of the nano implant resolved. And its not going to be resolved by being forced into silience by criminals who put it there in the first place.

I have to get back to being myself and maintain the values my parents instilled in me. That means I dont want US Military involved in my life

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