US Military is involved in global crimes against humanity on mass populations and individuals. HAARP and HAARP related weapons are being used to facilitate these crimes. 

US Military is carrying out HAARP experiments globally. US Military and various contractors have access to HAARP weather patterns and frequencies being discharged in real time. Military  contacts are given out for certain types of work to be carried out. These projects include criminal activities carried out by US Military.  

I am a victim of US Military Human Trafficking and Organised crime. I survived a horrendous ordeal and I believe it is in the public interest to know what happened to me. Raising awareness can prevent or reduce further incidents of HAARP electromagnetic related crime.

What made me survive? The crime perpetratered against me was a “cluster of usual and unusual crimes” using new technologies. The crime was aimed at exploiting me and my identity. The crime was enabled by state sponsponerd survellence.My background and set of circumstances was ideal for US Military to exploit me for terrorism grooming.I was targeted because I am Zimbabwean. US Military want Strategic Minerals for Weapons development so I was targeted for exploitation. 

The usual set circumstances to which I was subjected to involved forced isolation preceded by torture, abuse, blackmail and threats. I was a victim for three years before I finally confronted every single element of this ordeal and exposed it, for benefit of all people out there; we are all potential victims of electromagnetic crime. But they can not attack us all at once. This crime is opportunistic in nature and very destructive to individuals. Once they realised I could not be contain, several  attempts and threats were made to control me and get me to remain in servitude. I am exposing this so that no one else goes through it and if they did, to expose it. Make it know far and wide, what US Military Organised Criminals are doing.

The crime is prolific because it’s global in nature but the command centre is US Military Complex . US has been at the centre of global events like War Invasions, Regime Change, Sanctions etc, employing  US led global institutions and US Foreign policy to carry out various crimes on pretext of humanitarian effort when in reality economic reasons behind the invasion . 

“War on Terror” is a lie to get surveillance programmes into the public domain and to invade countries, US want to invade for resources. Traditionally US has funded and trained various terrorist groups to pursue resources in various parts of the world . Terrorism is a tool to invade other countries for control, power and amassing wealth for a few people on top, who have always dominated global developments for their own benefit. 

US is being destroyed from within. US was infiltrated by criminal elements within the system who have been using government structures to carry out local and global crime. Upon realisation of what was going on, other members of US Military and various intelligence organisations had a soft coup. Leading to the leaking of documents that revealed US Military organised Crime at work through various members in the system.  I don’t think we have heard it all. 2017 will continue to bring to light issues that have been bubbling onto the surface about US Military organised Crime. I

 I want to raise awareness of US Military application of HAARP and related weapons to target innocent people in their homes and use them to pursue various crime related activities through torture, abuse,blackmail, force to benefit the organisation. 

This is the 21 century face of crime .

US Military attacked me in 2013, abused , tortured and Indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. I was groomed against my will in terrorism. I was being morally corrupted. Forced to have children with men against my wish. I was told I was to have a muslim child for sacrifice. If I murder it or abuse it,  to blame Postnatal depression and never to reveal to authorities or public that US Military was behind my destructive behaviour . 

As well as torture and abuse, US Military used cohesion and blackmail to force me into particular situations. I was denied the opportunity to pursue my photography career, instead  I was told, I had to fulfill various demands to proceed to the next stage and my lack of cooperation was delaying the whole process.

1. Soft Coup 

The military recently split into two groups. One that was patriotic to America values and way of life and another, a destructive group with global ambitious fulfilled through wars and organised crime. This destructive group has been operating in US , using US Foreign policy and influence to invade and destabilise countries. 

2. 9/11

US Military Organised Crime is engineering Global Terrorism at the backdrop of 9/11 false flag. 9/11 was carried out by criminal elements within the US government 
3. US Government created ISIS

Obama Administration and Secretary Hillary Clinton are behind the creation of ISIS through a network of parties interested in accrual various ill gotten global gains

4. NSA and Surveillance 

Fact : NSA global surveillance existed before 9/11. If it’s purpose was to stop terrorism , it would have happened so many times without the public even knowing about it . NSA has been collecting people’s data before 9/11. If surveillance is the answer, would it not have stopped 9/11

5. Social Engineering , MKULTRA and Manchurian Candidates 

The use of MKUltra to engineer people into various position to serve the organisation. The abuse of Adults and Children for use in criminal activities. US Military operates a Pedophile Ring to  abuse of children to create adult subservient personalities that work for the system to work in a corrupt manner and are able to bypass integral systems put in place to safeguard and protect the integrity  of the system. This is also part of a network to mass mind control individuals and populations 

6. US Foreign Policy and International Relations 

US Foreign policy is used to target countries depending on their wealth and ability to be used by the organisation . Zimbabwe is a target for its strategic minerals which can be used in expansion of HAARP and Chemtrail ash composition .  

US Foreign policy allows US Military Organised Crime to dominate other countries, interfer with their sovereignty, destabilise and invade  
7.HAARP ask employees of a weather companies sign non disclosure employee agreements. Why HAARP has been in existence but keep secret . How HAARP is  being used in Organised Crime with bio implants .  

8. HAARP and Bioweapons 

US Military use of  illegal implants in people to various parts of the body with out their knowledge or consent to synchronise with HAARP frequencies 

9. War on Terror lies

War on terror was invented by US Military Organised Crime to enable US to invade countries on pretext of terrorism when the actual reason behind the invasion is resources in that country 

10. Since Trump’s win, the announcement of the European Army . Shifting of operations to another site. Relationship between European Union and Africa has been about domination and control. The same system will try to interfer or take over from US Military .