The Fifth Estate 

Day 2 Blog Challenge

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed Mark Twain

  • The First –  The Clergy/Religion 
  • The Second – The Nobility/Government  
  • The Third  – The Commoners
  • The Fourth- Traditional Journalism/Press & Media  
  • The Fifth – New age media – Bloggers

[Source : Wikipedia 

Day 2 of my blogging challenge is to address issues of media propaganda – the so called 4th estate – protecting the corruption and crimes being perpetratered by a selected few who think they are above the law because of the wealth or power they hold. Needless to say, the populous is not going to tolerate it.  

Controlled media is doing its best to protect oligarchs who think they are intitled to global power. Oligarchs who  have show a disregard for human wellbeing and development, that despite the media propaganda, people are beginning to see through the crackes in the set up.

In my life time, I was born at the end of colonialism by the British Empire and I am seeing the rise of US imperialisation spreading corruption, crime, instability war and terrorism around the globe. Engineered to control the world through fear and submission to be ruled by a few dominate and corrupt people who hold power in Banking, Politics, Economy and Military to name a few. These Oligarchs have made US their base of disseminating this power through abuse of . 

A form  The Oligarchs have made US the centre of their operations. 

 Leaks within US it’s self are revealing a great detail of information, majority of people would not have had an opportunity to see in the past. Yes the media is baised to the point that it no longer serves the people .  

We live in an age where the 5th Estate is taking over due to the gap in information being left by the media. People have been let down and mislead by a media parroting propaganda by the gglobalist, the elite few.

Taking control and informing the public is now the role of Independent media and individual bloggers with experience, insights and opinions into current global developments . 

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