Photography and I

Day 8 Blog Challenge

As US Military  were destroying elements of my life that had meaning to replace it with a terrorism agenda. I lost not only my Identity by my interests and life developments . I was forced to leave Uni which was a focal point of my personal development . My development was interfered with, I would be radiated to stop me focusing , doing research or writing what I wanted. Instead my time was filled with things that US Military wanted me to learn and do instead – introducing me to issues surrounding our strategic minerals which they would later blackmail and demand I get minerals for them.

I value photography as a platform for telling a narrative or a story . By default I  feel the need to go back and tell this story in form that I know and can articulate best. Its natural that I turn to photography after spending a large potions of my adult education on the subject.

I still want my life to have purpose despite all that I have been though. Self reflection on what I can do in particular raise awareness of this crime and making links to areas of serious concerns and issues relating to US Military Organised Crime .


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