In 2016 I decided that this issue was more about counter terrorism than MKULTRA stand alone development. MKULTRA is the method for trying to exploit someones identity and use them to perform various criminal activities.  I was being programmed for terrorism so I knew, the reasons behind my attack and the programming that was being forced on me. I decided I will pick up my development by looking into counterterrorism developments going on. even picked up a few Masters programmes to pursue if I could get myself into university again.

This whole MKULTRA development has not gone according to how US Military had planned it. I have fought them all the way and rejected every back up plan they had. So they are left with trying to hijack my next development in counterterrorism development .

Because of my experience,  I follow terrorism developments globally and gradually the truth is coming out.  I know US Military and allies are involved in the engineering of terrorism to destabilise various countries for resources and financial opportunities.  (Even within US itsself, fractions have arose showing the world, the division within the intelligence community. Steve P. has exposed the soft coup that happened in the US government as a result of a hostile takeover by rogue elements within the leadership and government).

I am 37 now. I am my own person . I pursue my time and interest as I wish. I therefore consider this as rule number 1 of my life. US Military are not included in my future development.

How can I tell these criminals to stop hijack my development. Lynching for ideas and existence for their exploitation. Driven by an idelogy to create a slavery condition out of people.


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