Photography Studies 

Day 9 : Blog Challenge

Photography is a medium of communication. I am now trying to use my photographic knowledge and experience to raise awareness about terrorism engineering and mkultra.

A brief history of how I went into photography and how US Military would try to hijack my career to set of a terrorism agenda under pretext of being the Illuminati;  For a period leading to 2009, I was briefly unemployed.  This was an unsettling time for me, for I had always been employed and had learned to support myself from the age of 21, alone without parents, in a foreign country.

I found a job I enjoyed in social care. I held various positions from Cleaner, Carer to Support Worker as I progressed through the year.  Prior to coming to the UK, in my home country of Zimbabwe,  I had taken various courses in computers and had worked briefly in DeskTop Publishing.  So when I became unemployment in 2008-9, I found it difficult to find employment that was suitable for my knowledge and skills.

It was recommended by two separate career adviser that I should follow a courses or subject nearer to my original career. Because of my background in Computers and Desk Top Publishing, to look at Arts or Information Technology as courses to pursue. I had no portfolio of my desk top publishing, so I decided to pursue Photography thinking I would find my way back into a Graphic Design . Once I started working my way into a Photography, I fell in love with the subject that I never looked at graphic design again. I went to achieve the follow in Photography

  • 2009 -2011 Higher National Certificate in Photography
  • 2011-2013 BA (Hons) Degree in Photography and Video
  • 2013 – 2014 I took a Masters Course

I ended up graduating with a Post Graduate Diploma due to the disruption and abuse I got from the US Military which was engineered deliberately to threaten and destroy my development and put me in a submissive situation where I would be abused, tortured and indoctrinated in terrorism.

One of my biggest challenge is getting my story in the Main Stream Media (MSM) because of the media blackout of some issues like US and allied Mind control programs. I will tell m story the best way I know how till I succeed in raising awareness to as many people as possible.  I studied photography at University to a Masters level. Incidentally, that’s the excuse US Military would use to impose themselves in my life and started  scripting my life for terrorism. US Military would try to justify abuse and torture as my initiation into the Illuminati. I was not given the opportunity to make my mind if that’s what I wanted. Soon I was forced into Isolation, denied opportunity to practice my photography, instead faced disruption and gradually indoctrinated in terrorism and told I had to deliver Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals or every part of my life will be destroyed.

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