CIA Art Patsie

Blog Challenge  Day 22

Not every artist has an opportunity to describe their art. It’s left to the art community, critics and peers to define what the artist work meant.

I was a photography student. I had just finished my BA (Hons) degree when I was attacked by US Military in 2013. I had already developed works of Art that where part of my educational development. After education, I was keen to go into the world and develop my own style of creative expression.  That never happened because US Military attacked me and we’re trying to impose their own form of expression at the expense of my identity. Basically, highjack who I was and create a different expression to feed into their criminal agenda. I enrolled in an Masters programme which was again disrupted. This was one of the key indicators that the agenda was disruptive and had no interest in my educational development. 

As Arists we take inspiration from everyday experiences and try to interpret them and/or express them to an audience.  Art is true and it’s suppose to be informative and helpful. As you go further into therotical studies, in depth research and development is required to support your analysis and development. 

“Art is life” Robert Rauschenberg. 

When US Military attacked me in 2013, they had no intention of developing my art career any further than I had come. Instead they were trying to use the art community to analyse my art through their view of the world.  It’s was intentional misleading.  How can a person who has lived in the west, give an analysis of a person of African origin based on carefully scripted profile and artwork. This was a set up to intentionally mislead the art community and use then the propagate lies. 

Art plays a role in shapping the cultural norms of a community. In shapping identities and how they are viewed by communities.  CIA highjacked the Arts in the 60s which resulted in shapping people’s minds about how they thought about art. Some claim it has resulted in the destruction of social norms by promoting social deviance and promiscuity. It’s was intentional move by the CIA propaganda machine. 

US Military were trying to engineer a lonewolf identity and link my identity to terrorism. Make me a person of corrupt moral character – encourage child sacrifice, prostitute myself to a muslim man to get pregnant. 

When you look at the whole picture of how US Military were trying to script my life to look like I was involved in terrorism by forcing me to have a child  with a muslim man. Who then gave me a child and left. I hated the baby enough to abuse it or kill it. To be found guilty of a serious crime, enough to be deported to my country, Zimbabwe to engage in terrorism.  

They is great interest in Zimbabwe.  Why US Military would target my country.  It’s a country of vast resource that could see their HAARP programme life span extended to a point where they use the HAARP technology to dominate and dictate to other countries. 

So it’s not a surprise that all these elements would come together to push a cause for invading Zimbabwe.  Using my Art from my educational development to analyse and explore as if it would explain how I ended up a terrorist from already predetermined ideologies of misinform around Terrorism or even the African Identity itsself.  Media propaganda of terrorism in Africa, would be the perfect cover for US Military to operate under when engineering terrorism.  

Everything we know about Terrorism is wrong.  The people who started the whole “War on Terror” are also the people behind the engineering of terrorism. That’s why when I was attacked, US Military tried to hide the agenda to me, instead using torture, abuse and blackmail to follow their terrorism script.  US Military applied HAARP and electromagnetic related weapons to force me into terrorism and muslim child sacrifice. 

It took me over two years to figure out what was going on. US Military were forcing me to have a muslim child to frame me for terrorism. Having no use for the child except to link me with Islam. Child Sacrifice (murder or abuse) to dispose of the child in a manner that would attract law inforcrment and protective services attention, so that I could be removed from UK permanently, to Zimbabwe where the terrorism developments would take place. 

US Military goal is to disrupt the region and secure minerals for their HAARP, Chemtrail and defense weapons. 

So the CIA Art Patsie agenda failed. Art is Terrorism became Art is CounterTerrorism.  I exposed US Military terrorism to my government, other governments as well as the public. 
I believe Art is an industry that US Military/CIA want to control globally. How we perceive things, no matter how false and misleading they are. Art is a power tool of communication.  It is mostly visual so it can appeal to various audiences. As well as taking control of my Art identity, using art critics or peers to analyse it in a way that shape future artists emerging from Africa.  We might see more terrorism and abuse related imagery that reinforce the negative image of Africa abroad while promoting the need for US Military to invade Africa under stopping terrorism when in reality it’s cover for exploiting the continent of resources. 

I did not find the urge to whisleblow difficult.  I have an obligation to report any terrorist or terror related activity. I am within my rights to report US Military terrorism Indoctrination.  I was not interested in being used in this way and I was being held against my will, being groomed and indoctrinated in terrorism . I was being  deprived of my liberty while the terrorism indoctrination and forcing child sacrifice was taking place. They are serious grounds for prosecution for everyone involved in my forced isolation, abuse and torture.  

I would personally have chosen a more uplifting subject to pursue in terms of my Art development.  That was before my attack. I fought to regain my independence because it was the only way, I would pursue my art career and expose US Military terrorism Indoctrination . I did not go through five years of education to be told what to do, at my time and expense by people who have their own motivations. It slavery.  These people know no bounds to breaking every human right , the laws and legislation that govern us as humans –  The natural law given by God to humans. US Military tried to change what I saw as my course of destiny ; Education, Marriage, Job/Career, Family and Friends, Social Presence to Isolation, abuse, torture, Terrorism Indoctrination, morally corrupting me & encouraging me to engage in activity that would compromise myself and other people and Slavery, by forcing me to work on their agenda, defining time and activity to suit their needs . I am exposing this to raise awareness and to stop history every repeating itself

Africa is a continent that has been exploited since the age of early travellers, who knew the worth of our natural wealth and would use exploitation and manipulation to rob us of our wealth. Zimbabwe is no different as an African country. Our history of such incidents are well documented.

Criminals are opportunistic and they might try again.  The reason I chose to expose this development was to raise awareness and raise out defence capabilities both as a country and a continent. 

Information makes a difference.  There is already a change in how terrorism is reported and viewed outside of the intelligence community (and main stream media that is used for propaganda)  that have dominate the subject in the past. The consensus is that, they are deliberately misleading us, the public, in order to gain more unrestrained control over us, globally.  

 When who was behind the terrorist groups came out within the western intelligence, political and public communities , people were killed to silence them. US started the recruitment of terrorist, put them in a database, from which the name Al quaida originated from. When Al quaida was exposed, it morphed in to ISIS  to confuse and keep the people uninformed. However this seems to be an issue that would go away. Its more public that ever, who really  is behind the various terrorist groups? US Military and Allies using terrorist groups as proxy army to fight other countries.   


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