Voice to Skull is a US Military technology and US military use it as a destructive technology to invade people’s private space and thoughts. 

US Military used Voice to Skull to groom me for terrorism and to threaten, abuse, manipulate and destroy the life I had worked hard to build for my self.

My job, education, my photography,my social networks.  

US Military would stop my critical function and use voice to Skull to tell me what to say or respon.

Over time US Military would create an environment where I was to wait for a go ahead to respond to anything. 

 It’s taking a while for me to break the system as part of me want to think before I respond and I get worried that US Military is trying to hack me before I say what I want to say.

US Military isolated me and groomed me in terrorism. They even went as far as encouraging me to participate in crime as a precursor to Terrorism developments.  They demanded I prostitute myself to a muslim man and give birth to a muslim child for sacrifice.  I was suppose to tell  authorities I had suffered post natal depression and done things to the baby. I was suppose to keep the existence of US Military Private from public or authorities.  

US Military were trying to get me to commit a henious crime and get me permanently deported to Zimbabwe on child abuse/murder crime. This crime would help to alient me further from my community, so I will be isolated and at the mercy of US Military organised Crime who were grooming me for terrorism.
The goal of US Military Organised Crime is to destabilise Zimbabwe with Terrorism/Civil war, so US Military can invade and secure our strategic minerals for itsself.

US Military want Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals to develop their Military industry and weapons like HAARP and Chemtrail ash which rely on minerals from Southern Africa. 

US Military would do destructive things to me and my life and would manipulate me into thinking, it was for my own good and they had no ill intentions towards me. This lie continued for over 2+years until I said enough was enough. I told the world what US Military was doing despite the threats, abuse and torture, they had engaged in the whole time I was attacked and subsequently Isolated. 

Since exposing US Military, I continue to find what was done disturbing and US Military continued existence in my life and manipulation unbearable.  US Military continue to expose me high electromagnetic frequencies for mind control and forcing voice to Skull communication.

Lives of people of fall victim to US Military abuse are at risk of death. Through abuse, or purposeful elimination from the illegal practice of Human Experimentation and use in criminal activities. 

I am under stress, not from my job or my lifestyle but external stress caused by US Military interference and abuse of my life. I am tired. I am now in a state of acute depression 

Long time Strategic plans to secure Africa from exploitation is to work towards identifying compromised individuals of US Military MKULTRA programs in Africa. US and its allies system works by corrupting and compromising individuals as well as using force, abuse & torture of MKULTRA programs. 

Manchurian Candidates who are created to take influential positions in politics, business and areas of strategic importance to countries development like mining – Strategic Minerals. 

Or created to destabilise the country and provided logistics and equipment to take part in US led terrorism, civil war and colour revolutions.

US economy relys on strategic minerals of other countries but is unwilling to invest or pay the right amount for the resources. 

Forced in to activism. Whats in it, for US Military.

What would be kept secret? That US Military was using force, manipulation, abuse , torture and terrorism indoctrination to manage my Identity. That they were using the social justice platform to hide their real goal, which was to exploit my Identity to get to Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals.

US Military started by creating multiple identities using MKULTRA. Each identity lead to another level of indoctrination to their goal. Other identities could be discarded, if the high level identity was achieved- which was the terrorist identity. US Military were not successful in achieving a terrorist identity so they began using other preprogrammed identities to continue with their programming developments.

One identity that struck a cord with me was staged social justice. This did not give audience an insight into who is pulling the strings or that I was being forced to do the activism against my will. I was not in agreement because I knew it was not for anyones benefit but their own

US Military wanted to use me as a front for social justice to continue to intrude in my life, forcing MKULTRA and Voice to Skull