A front for Staged Social Justice

Forced in to activism. Whats in it, for US Military.

What would be kept secret? That US Military was using force, manipulation, abuse , torture and terrorism indoctrination to manage my Identity. That they were using the social justice platform to hide their real goal, which was to exploit my Identity to get to Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals.

US Military started by creating multiple identities using MKULTRA. Each identity lead to another level of indoctrination to their goal. Other identities could be discarded, if the high level identity was achieved- which was the terrorist identity. US Military were not successful in achieving a terrorist identity so they began using other preprogrammed identities to continue with their programming developments.

One identity that struck a cord with me was staged social justice. This did not give audience an insight into who is pulling the strings or that I was being forced to do the activism against my will. I was not in agreement because I knew it was not for anyones benefit but their own

US Military wanted to use me as a front for social justice to continue to intrude in my life, forcing MKULTRA and Voice to Skull

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