Back and Forth manipulation 

US Military isolated me and groomed me in terrorism. They even went as far as encouraging me to participate in crime as a precursor to Terrorism developments.  They demanded I prostitute myself to a muslim man and give birth to a muslim child for sacrifice.  I was suppose to tell  authorities I had suffered post natal depression and done things to the baby. I was suppose to keep the existence of US Military Private from public or authorities.  

US Military were trying to get me to commit a henious crime and get me permanently deported to Zimbabwe on child abuse/murder crime. This crime would help to alient me further from my community, so I will be isolated and at the mercy of US Military organised Crime who were grooming me for terrorism.
The goal of US Military Organised Crime is to destabilise Zimbabwe with Terrorism/Civil war, so US Military can invade and secure our strategic minerals for itsself.

US Military want Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals to develop their Military industry and weapons like HAARP and Chemtrail ash which rely on minerals from Southern Africa. 

US Military would do destructive things to me and my life and would manipulate me into thinking, it was for my own good and they had no ill intentions towards me. This lie continued for over 2+years until I said enough was enough. I told the world what US Military was doing despite the threats, abuse and torture, they had engaged in the whole time I was attacked and subsequently Isolated. 

Since exposing US Military, I continue to find what was done disturbing and US Military continued existence in my life and manipulation unbearable.  US Military continue to expose me high electromagnetic frequencies for mind control and forcing voice to Skull communication.

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