The second wave

The second attack. 

Force feeding food 

US Military expose me to frequencies that make me feel hungry all the time. As a result I am putting on weight and I clearly see its being done to sabotage any self confidence I can develop independently away from the organised crime. This is to control me from being independent or being self determined. 


The last relationship I had was another set up. I was in a relationship with a man who had no connection to who I was. Overtime I realised it was a relationship created to look like I was finally getting somewhere but in reality it was empty in terms of sharing any interest, goals and similar views. It was so US  Military could disrupt it at will and interfer to make room for their mind control developments. 


Forcing a child again without me having a clear view of my future.  This would benefit US Military more in silencing me. They had tried to force a muslim child for sacrifice and if I continued saying that after I had a child, they would use the fear of child protection services to silence me. So I need to excommunicate myself from these parasites.  


 US Military are using technology to isolate me by making me tired and interfering with plans I have to stop me pursuing any interests and goals.  

Mind Control 

By limiting my goals and interest US Military are trying to control every aspect of my life for them to be able to continue with the mind control against my wishes. 

I am therefore  still being controlled, abused and tortured by people who tried to indoctrinate me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals  and failed. After I exposed the terrorism indoctrination, they begain a  cover up exercise- Resocialising me without the capacity to control my life. They continue to maintain control of me by trying to force me into appearing like I was doing okay to the world. No I am not okay. I am being abused by US Military  against my will. 

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