My side feel paralysed and US Military is sending electromagnetic pulses to cause pain. This is how the US Military use trauma based mind control to force people to comply with their demands aganist their wishes.

This is not my first experience.  In 2013, October 8,  I was shot by a lazer in my stomach and I was paralysed with pain. US Military took the opportunity to voice to skull me and  tell me to comply or it would get worse. It was a lie because it did get worse. That was the intial move to get my attention and would later try to maintain that control by repeating the torture and raising the pain. US Military would later indoctrinate me in Terrorism, telling me I had to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for them and I had to have a Muslim child sacrifice.

US Military is practising trauma based mind control. Its non consensual. Its forcing someone to do what you want through pain and trauma. 

US Military used this method to indoctrinate me in Terrorism and force me to have a Muslim child sacrifice. Which turned out was to frame me for terrorism so they could say I had links to Islamic terrorism to enable them to invade  Zimbabwe on poxy terrorism and exploit our strategic minerals.  

Using pain to get things done. 

US Military use electromagnetic weapons to control me. They is no difference to a using a whip on a plantation. After my attack  in 2013, US Military  made every effort to destroy my photographic development. Used truama based mind control to indoctrinate me in terrorism and tried forcing me to have a muslim child for sacrifice. They used pressure, force, demands, abuse and torture to force me to comply.  All that was done to me was against my wish. They said I had no option weather I wanted to be part of the programme or not. I did not get to make a choice. I had to show my commitment by following instructions as I was told. US Military started using Voice to Skull technology and electromagnetic/HAARP weapons to indoctrinate me in terrorism. Telling me I had to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for them. That I was under 24 hrs surveillance and answerable to US Military and NATO. It was a big exercise to invade Zimbabwe and I was being told my place and role. When US Military failed after I exposed them, they tried to cover up by forcing me to do photography under duress to get the results ‘they wanted’ so as to discredit my accusation. I refused to do photography under duress and I am making sure what happened to me is exposed. 

Waking up & thinking about the next opportunity to sleep. The life of electromagnetic abuse victim – constant fatigue from Sleep deprivation

I think as a person I have made my feelings known – I dont want anything to do with US Military. As if it was not enough trying to force me into terrorism, the aftermath has not made my life better. I am still sabotaged left , right and centre. My wishes and interests do count. I am being subotaged with electromagnetic/HAARP frequencies to the illegal brain implant in my head, deliberately.

I want to wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

I want normal dreams not forced or induced dreams

I want to be spontaneous and make my own plans

I want to use my time as I wish, not as imposed

I want to a social presence in my community. I dont want to be forced into isolation

I want to go to the gym and exercise

I want to make plans I can follow through without being sabotaged

I want to be healthy and plan my own meals.

I want to go back to University and learn in an environment that I can learn and interact with people.
I want a life I can choose my own life partner who share similar interests

I dont want any interference in my life. You cant impose a life on a person by force because you can. I will fight you to my death.

Being a Targeted Individual involves being robbed of your identity and your lifestyle to suit the perpetrator. And its one thing I have fought to regain and control. I am not taking my life and lifestyle for granted. My life is my own and no body else to control. Lifestyle is not a stand alone concept but it exsist within the parameters of ones existence and influences  i.e identity, culture, beliefs etc as well as internal and external elements.  

I am finding these doddles in my old scapebook, very therapeutic. The reminates of my MA on Photography. I have severals ideas running in my head and sometimes they are very synchronised and other times they are very random. Instagram helps by instantly bookmaking them for me. I will be back for them in different form i.e blog or website.  
My approach to ideas is very individualised and sometimes very academic because  as people we dont have one identity but multiple identities i.e Sister, Photographer, Instructor, Targeted individual etc. All those are different parts of my identity.  My lifestyle will never be the same as the next person because we are individuals and have individual lifestyles. Its up to each individual to have the ability to express ones lifestyle.  With the internet’s capabilities, the internet can amass thousands, if not millions and billions of lifestyles. I have been asking myself ‘ What is lifestyle blog?’ What are the rules and limits. Whats authentic and whats fake. Soo many questions. Its looking inwards too like sharing my own stuff without comprimising my own personal space.
My photography education has given me role models I can look at, other artists who used photography as a medium of communication – a visual language. I have some somethings in common with these women like my love photography, my gender but many aspects remain different due to time, space, cultures, technologies etc. I still respect and admire their work because its been soo captivating #artislife 

US Military is interfering with my sleep waking me up at regular intervals at night, making sure I dont rest or sleep throughthe night. During the day, they continue to expose my brain to electromagnetic frequencies that interfere with my brain activity causing me to feel tired, irritated and frustrated. Unable to work or function properly during the day. 

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and its illegal. 

US Military used this technology to exploit my country’s (Zimbabwes) National Security for their own interests. Using electromagnetic/HAARP weapons to indoctrinate me in terrorism to invade my country for Strategic Minerals to build Military weapons. In all wars that US Military is involved in, in recent years, they have been the aggressor. So its plausible to say, if US Military did not have access to strategic minerals for materials to build weapons, the world would be much peaceful. 

The propaganda out there is US is out to protect its national security but in reality, US actions say otherwise.  And the world is waking up to the real truth and asking ‘What are US wars are about really? ‘

I think this book will be an interesting read. Might carry a bit of propaganda about National Security but reality is, war is business and these people will try and sell war like it was a commodity. 
Book Extract: 

 The first book of its kind, Mind Wars covers the ethical dilemmas and bizarre history of cutting-edge technology and neuroscience developed for military applications. As the author discusses the innovative Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the role of the intelligence community and countless university science departments in preparing the military and intelligence services for the twenty-first century, he also charts the future of national security.

The Neremberg code was put in place for a reason- to stop unethical human experiments. This was after the Nazi war camps where alot of people died in gas chambers.  

We are now living in the Neo Nazi period or Post Nazi regime and the unethical experiments are continuing.  Its not a coincidence that todays illegal and unethical practices are link to the original Nazi pratices of the time. 

I am a victim of US Military experiments with electromagnetic weapons and HAARP frequencies. US Military tried to force me to disassociate through a process called MKULTRA where I was repeatedly abused and tortured with electromagnetic weapons and mind control  techniques.  

I refused to disassociate and take on the various personase they wanted me to adopt. Instead I have emerged traumatised and more aware of the criminal activity that was taking place i.e trying to use me to get Strategic Minerals from Zimbabwe for US Military Weapons and HAARP.  They were using these illegal techniques and methods to intice me into criminal behaviour.
After I exposed the plans US Military tried to use various techniques and methods to cover up this crime. They wanted me not to talk about it so they started using again electromagnetic frequencies to engage me in dialogue that would move me away from the electromagnetic abuse claim I was making.  I am a victim of great injustice and the neremberg code was established for a reason. Why is it being ingored.